Monday, February 26, 2018

New York International Toy Fair 2018 – Super 7

BY Dave

Once again social media has improved my ability to bring you pictures of the new stuff shown at Toy Fair. Most toy companies maintain some sort of presence on Instagram or their own blogs online and seem to recognize the importance of showing their new products directly to potential consumers. I don’t know if this means the collectors’ market is more important than ever or if it’s simply evolving business, but whatever the reason I’m glad it’s happened.

As always I highly recommend you follow Action Figure Attack on Facebook and Instagram for some excellent press photos. Toy Ark once again provided thorough coverage and is the site we used for reference to record this Friday’s Toy Fair episode of the Needless Things Podcast. For the full list of links to Toy Ark product pages, click here!

It is time again to gaze in wonder upon the magic and marvels that the toy world will be unleashing upon us over the next year or so. That’s right, Phantomaniacs - the New York International Toy Fair happened last weekend, and I am ready to deliver the highlights of the show!

Reveals didn’t seem to start as early this year, but once they started they stayed strong all weekend long. Rather than one standout, I had several contenders for most impressive company this year. There’s very little in the way of innovation, but mixing classic licenses with vintage styles seemed to be quite the fad.

Read on to see some of my favorites from the show and of course, listen to this Friday’s episode of the Needless Things Podcast to hear me, Ryan, Jay, and Josh discuss all of the hottest reveals!

This year, rather than doing a huge mega-post I’m going to dole out bite-size posts focusing on small groups or individual companies. Super 7 had more than enough awesome stuff for one post, so let’s start there!

These guys seem to have given me the most to talk about this year. From the revitalized ReAction line to frigging buckets, Super 7 had nothing but pure nostalgic excitement on display in their booth.

ReAction Alien

Super 7 is revisiting the line that started it all – their refresh of Kenner’s defunct Alien toy line is getting a refresh. Movie accurate paint jobs, new tooling, multiple Alien decos, and 3-packs are making this familiar wave seem fresh and new.

ReAction Ghosts N’ Goblins

Clearly this one is a passion project. While I wouldn’t call the classic 8-Bit NES game Ghosts N’ Goblins obscure, it certainly doesn’t have a ton of pop cultural relevance nowadays. But that’s set to change with a full wave of ReAction figures, including armored and “naked” versions of the hero, Arthur. I think the cyclops is my favorite.

ReAction Legends of Lucha Libre


This is amazing news and one of my favorite reveals from the show. I’ve been wanting good quality Lucha figures for a very long time now. Of course, One:12 or Figures Toy Company would be great, but I’m more than happy to be looking at these nifty ReAction figures of Tinieblas, Blue Demon, and I think Mil Mascaras. It’s a bit hard to tell. But the important part is the right here are three-fifths of the Champions of Justice. Now we just need Médico Asesino and La Sombra Vengadora.

ReAction Misfits

The red and black versions of the Fiend came out last year and are great. Overpriced at $15, but oh-so-satisfying to see hanging on the wall. I suppose to a certain extent I’m looking at these as premium figures because Super 7 is putting such gorgeous art on all of the cards (I’m also leaving them carded).

I didn’t imagine I’d ever need another Fiend, but man have they hit some sweet spots here. Each figure is themed to cover art and they all look awesome. I’d like to say my favorite is the Horror Business one (my favorite Misfits song), but my favorite is also Halloween and Earth A.D. And the one designed to look like an old Remco figure. The Bullet version is my least favorite, but it’s still great.

ReAction Masters of the Universe

I only have one of these – Trap-Jaw because he’s my guy – but I’ll probably bring home Scareglow.

ReAction Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

I never had the old Matchbox Playhouse figures because as much as I loved the show, at the time I wasn’t really interested in toys of the characters. I expect that these ReAction versions will be perfect, though we’ll need a Playhouse playset. Hopefully it’ll be less than a hundred bucks (probably not).

ReAction Robotech

These look really neat. Your mileage may vary on the appeal of non-transforming Veritechs and a hilariously out-of-scale SDF-1, but I like ‘em. Probably not enough to buy, but I think Super 7 is offering a cool product here for those that don’t want to spend big bucks to have some Robotech representation on their shelves. I think casual fans that see these in stores will be pleased.

ReAction Universal Monsters 2.0

Super 7 took me by surprise with these all-new sculpts on their (Funko’s) ReAction Monsters. Featuring fun, more detailed sculpts and card art by Basil Gogos, these will absolutely be worth the double-dip. I love that they’re leading with a Metaluna Mutant.

Various M.U.S.C.L.E. Figures

I love Super 7’s MUSCLE figures, but I hate that they’ve decided to blind box them. This will effectively end my collection. I assume this “Keshi Surprise” business is big in Japan and I get that blind boxes are apparently huge business at American retail, but I hate it. I just want to buy a set of figures. I don’t want to deal with duplicates and trading and all of the headaches, hassles, and horseshit that goes along with blind box collecting.

It’s a huge shame too, because I would’ve been all-in on those awesome Legends of Lucha Libre figures.

Adios, MUSCLEs.

Super Buckets

Need something to keep your existing collections of small figures in? Here you go!
These things look awesome! At first I didn’t think I’d have anything to do with them, but they’ll be perfect for storing my loose SLUG Zombies and MUSCLE figures. I can’t quite tell how big they are, but hopefully they’ll have the capacity for at least a couple dozen of that style of toy.

Frank needs work, though. He’s a little too… something.

Transformers Super Cyborgs

This aesthetic looks really familiar, but I can’t quite place it. Whatever the case, I think it looks cool. I also find it very interesting that Hasbro is licensing their properties out to other toy companies. And yeah – I know we’ve already seen things like this from other companies, but these are for-real action figures, not just little tchotchkes. Having spied GI Joes on Super 7’s drinkware, I wonder if we could see new Joe toys from another company since Hasbro has seemingly no interest in the property.

Check back over the next couple of weeks for more on Toy Fair 2018!

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  1. I am also pretty annoyed by the decision to blind box the individual M.U.S.C.L.E. figures as Keshi surprise now. Does Super7 actually get most of their stuff out to retail where this would even make any sense? I like the model they've been using since 2015: Pay about $24-$30 dollars and get a complete set. That works. Why screw it up?

    1. They do have a presence in FYE stores. I'm lucky enough to have one pretty close by and they carry the ReAction figures and a few other things. Our pal Beau also tells me that he thinks they said they'd at least have sets of the Princess of Power figures, so maybe those blind boxes are just an option or maybe the retail version. Perhaps they'll carry the sets online.