Friday, February 9, 2018

Needless Things Podcast 199 – Toy Stories LIVE at Days of the Dead Atlanta

LIVE from the Days of the Dead Atlanta horror convention – Dave, Nicole Gould, and Ryan Cadaver host Needless Things Presents Toy Stories: Plastic Horrors!

From Marx to Mego to McFarlane to Mezco, the Needless Things Irregulars jump around the history of horror toys and discuss their favorites in front of a live Days of the Dead audience. Each of the last six decades has seemed to present innovations and revolutions in the world of horror-based toys, and the panel touches on some of their favorite lines and moments in this special episode brought to you by the Blue Track.

Listen in as Dave, Nicole, Ryan, and audience members share stories of the roots of their horror collections and their favorite spooky toys!

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