Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Days of the Dead in Pictures

by Beth

So Days of the Dead 2018 is over, and we've got more than 6 months until Dragon Con. Sigh...
At least a good time was had by all. A little too good for some of us. The flu I was fighting all week came back with friends, and I missed too much work last week to stay home today, and get any writing done. I've got a full recap, as well as 2 amazing panels to cover. I saw more than 2 panels of course, but Ray Wise and Malcolm McDowell we're so good that they'll need their own posts.

To tide you over until I get all of that done, here are the collected pictures of Mr. Tibbs, Sharron, and myself. Enjoy.

Paranoia Haunted House is in Canton, GA. Their props look pretty cool so if you know where Canton is you should give them a try. 
Sharron with another monster from Paranoia
Mr. Tibbs met Ray Wise. He was desperately excited
Mr. Tibbs is doing the sign for "the Bookhouse Boys" from Twin Peaks. I don't think Ray Wise noticed though
The guys on The Karate Kid panel are aging well
Sometimes the graphics of The Dirty Dirty Con Con Game Game Show Show work, and sometimes they don't
First time I've seen Pennywise traveling with his own Georgie
Jay doesn't look impressed, but I really want the new movie to be as good as the first one
Horror Makeup Challenge
Malcolm McDowell was great
Just don't ask any stupid questions or he will let you have it
Party animals
That guy in the middle is Schweck. If you don't know him make sure you track him down at Dragon Con. He creates parties where there previously were none
Stan the Zombie was a little tipsy, but who wasn't by this time Saturday night?
Elzig and The Casket Creatures played Saturday night!
The emptiness of the Marriott Pulse Bar was unnerving
Skybridges so empty that you can dance around. See you next year Days of the Dead

That's it for now, but tune back in soon for the rest of my Days of the Dead funtastic time. I've got at least 3 more posts to come in the near future, and you don't want to miss the details of all this action.

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