Friday, December 8, 2017

Needless Things Podcast 190 – Valerie Meiss

Dave talks to musician, illustrator, puppeteer, and all-around renaissance woman Valerie Meiss!

“A fascination with fairytales and detective stories at bedtime, a never-ending stockpile of cardboard, and a slew of old junk and toy instruments have left their mark on Valerie Meiss' work.

She boldly claims to be a singing, songwriting musician (though hardly a singer-songwriter) and performance artist. She makes a life for herself playing shows, building and performing with puppets, and illustrating children's stories or daily memoirs in her little house on a hill in the wild woods of a tiny mountain town in Western North Carolina.

She toured regionally and nationally for 8 years and learned the exciting trade of travelling rockstar in the band Hellblinki.  Now she can be seen performing as Tiny Wonder, and sometimes as Miss Mousie & The Rigamarole.”

Listen in as Dave talks to Valerie about her path from illustrator to musician to puppeteer in this wide-ranging episode of the Needless Things Podcast!

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“Procrastibate” by

"Bela Lugosi's Birthday" by Tiny Wonder

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