Friday, October 6, 2017

Needless Things Podcast 181 – 31 Days of Halloween: The Horror of Kane

LIVE from Dragon Con 2017, but the perfect way to kick off 31 Days of Halloween on the Needless Things Podcast, Dave talks to one of the most notable horror icons in the history of professional wrestling – the Big Red Machine, Kane!

As one of the longest-tenured athletes in WWE, Kane has personified evil many times throughout his career. From long-running feuds with his brother the Undertaker to Inferno Matches to being a masked monster seeking revenge upon those that have wronged him, Kane’s legacy is steeped in the macabre.

Outside of wrestling Kane portrayed one of the latest and biggest in the grand lineage of slashers, Jacob Goodnight in the See No Evil movie franchise!

Listen in as Dave and Kane discuss wrestling, film, and what it took for Glenn Jacobs to become the Devil’s Favorite Demon!

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