Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dragon Con 2017: Bill Corbett Interview

by Beth

Having been approved for 2 press conferences, 1 group interview, and 1 individual interview at Dragon Con this year was extremely exciting. Exciting and terrifying.

I had only requested people I really wanted to talk to so that was smart I guess, but it was a lot of work. The thing about press conferences or interviewing someone in a room full of other reporters is that you're only going to get to ask a few of your questions. So you've got to come prepared with many more questions than you'll ever get to ask because there's always someone who's more aggressive than you are, and they'll ask one of your questions first. So not only did I have to come up with extra questions, but I also had to  make sure that I wasn't asking exactly what everyone else was. I think I did pretty well on that count. What I did not do well was take into account that my recorder was not the best for this kind of thing. So you can really hear me, and the reporters nearby, but it's harder to hear the people at the front of the room. While I learn how to use Audacity we'll start with the easiest of the interviews to hear. It was just me and Bill Corbett with my recorder on the chair in between us. It was easy since it was just us, and I came prepared with lots of questions. Some of those questions ended up by the wayside as the interview just turned into a great conversation. He also does a great Tommy Wiseau impression. Forgive the lack of editing. I don't know how fix that stuff yet, but I'm working on it. I've already learned that I need to up my game and buy a microphone for next year.

Bill Corbett was a writer and performer on Mystery Science Theater 3000 from 1997-1999 as Crow T. Robot, and the Observer (better known as Brain Guy). He has since gone on to do RiffTrax with fellow MST3K stars Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murphy. If you liked MST3K, but haven't gotten into RiffTrax then you should definitely go do so. Because they're just doing audio tracks that play along with movies (they do have MST3K style videos available as well) they can get away with doing actual good movies that they would never be able to get the rights to. Seen The Avengers a million too many times (like myself)? Dust off your DVD, and get the RiffTrax. They also occasionally do live simulcast events of movies like The Room and Starship Troopers which you can usually find at larger movie theaters. Go get you some funny at the RiffTrax website. They aren't expensive, and most of them are hilarious.

I will say that Bill Corbett was one of the nicest people I've ever met, and he was very willing to hang around and chat with me even once I'd stopped recording. He had arrived for the interview early, but  since I'd had the Michael Rooker press conference in the same room just a little earlier I was in the area, and early too. He also seems to find Michael Rooker slightly unnerving, and asked if I was okay after the experience. He asked about my other projects for the weekend, and when I mentioned the Casper Van Dien interview he told me the the cast of MST3K's tables in the Walk of Fame were across from his. He said Casper was very supportive of the Starship Troopers RiffTrax, was as dreamy as I had been hoping he would be, and wished me luck. I wish I'd asked a few more or different questions, but he was great. Seriously, go buy some RiffTrax, and help support a very nice, and funny man who was kind enough to give me the time of day.

And stay tuned for more interviews to come as soon as I figure out how to work my husband's audio editing program. Technology is hard!

Here's the full interview!

And because this thing may not end up working for you (I've been having intermittent issues with it playing myself. Weird because once you put in the html stuff it should stay there and work right?) here's a downloadable version.

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