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Comic Book Wednesday – Previews September 2017: “I’m Late, I’m Late!”

By Dave

If you don’t know, Previews is the catalog that Diamond Comic Distributors use to offer the products they distribute to comic book stores around the country. This is where you can view and order (through your favorite Local Comic Book Shop) comic books, trade paperback collections, t-shirts, books, media, and toys and other collectibles from hundreds of different vendors that deal in geek-oriented merchandise. The genius part is that you actually have to pay for your copy of Previews for the privilege of ordering other things to pay for.

It’s like the Ren Fest except without the horse poo smell.

So every month a new edition of Previews is sent out to comic book stores. Contained in the pages within are products that might be currently available or could be released anytime in the next year; but are typically about two months away. Most of this month’s offerings are scheduled to ship in November.

Now it’s time to discuss a few of the weird and/or wonderful items offered in this month’s edition!

Note: Sorry for the lateness of this month’s installment – Dragon Con backed a few things up.

Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon – Dark Horse (Front Cover, 44-45)

Speaking of dragons.

I don’t know how interested I, personally, am in this story, but the team behind it is basically a guarantee of quality. If I weren’t buying too many comics already I would absolutely add this to my pull list.

Doomsday Clock – DC (Back Cover, 73-77)

The solicitation gives away very little about the nature of Doomsday Clock, so DC is clearly banking on the good will they’ve built up since the launch of Rebirth. This is fine by me. I trusted them for Metal and things are working out so far.

The obvious conclusion to draw is that this is yet another Crisis-esque, Universe-ending event, but I feel like the publisher has learned its lesson about those and will present something completely different and much more interesting. Additionally, it appears to be self-contained. That’s good.

Until they falter, make mine DC.

Halloween ComicFest – October 28, 2017 (33-39)

Various publishers will offer FREE comic books (sometimes loosely) celebrating the season! Visit to find out more!

Hellboy and the BPRD 1954 TP – Dark Horse (48)

These early Hellboy stories have all been continuity-free tales of the supernatural. I’ve been able to enjoy them despite not having read the bulk of the other comics. If you just want some good stories about the big red guy without having to worry about hundreds of comics worth of history, these are excellent starting points.

Predator: Hunters TP – Dark Horse (60)

Typically I write about things in order to recommend them, but in this case I have to tell you to give this one a pass. Granted, your mileage may vary, but I found it to be slow and uninteresting. None of the characters were engaging and the scenario wasn’t executed in as compelling a manner as I expected.

Hawkman Found #1 – DC (80)

Here’s how good the story of Metal has been so far – I’m probably going to buy a Hawkman comic. I do not care about Hawkman beyond thinking that the original design looks cool. And the portrayal on Legends of Tomorrow did not help at all. But Carter Hall has all of a sudden become compelling as the man investigating the mysterious Metahuman-creating Metal of the DC Universe.

Of course, the fact that Jeff Lemire is writing this doesn’t hurt.

Batman and the Signal #1 – DC (81)

I think that I might have to go back and read Robins because I have become a big fan of Duke Thomas. I like that he’s something new and different and I hope that his character can continue to evolve and become an integral part of the ongoing DCU.

Some folks have made light of his new codename – “Signal” – but I think it fits perfectly into the Batman mythology of the rebirth era.

And yes – I’m sure you see what I did there.

Justice League of America Annual #1 – DC (97)

Justice League of America is not on my pull list because I haven’t heard anything good about Justice League books in a long time. But I’ll buy anything that Kelley Jones illustrates. Especially a Lobo story.

Batman: Creature of the Night #1 – DC (109)

Kurt Busiek’s Superman: Secret Identity received a lot of acclaim, like most of Busiek’s work. I suppose I’ll go ahead and admit to you guys that I don’t think I’ve ever actually read anything by the guy. Not out of avoidance, but because nothing has really caught my eye sufficiently. I’m definitely interested in this alternate universe story, but I’ll probably wait for the trade.

Harley Quinn: Be Careful What You Wish For Special Edition #1 – DC (112)

This was originally a Loot Crate exclusive comic. Back when it came out I read about it and was seriously annoyed that it was exclusive because it sounded good. I’m glad DC is reprinting it in a new format, but I bet the Loot Crate suckers customers are annoyed.

Mystik U #1 – DC (113)

The idea of Zatanna in a Hogwarts-esque school for magic users alongside Enchantress, Sargon, and Faust is great! Having Mike Norton do the art is just icing on the cake. I’m not sure if I’ll collect the issues on their bimonthly basis or just wait for a collection, but I’m definitely excited to read this one. I wonder if this three-book limited series will be a “Freshman Year” deal and if DC is planning for potential further installments. I hope so.

Imaginary Friends #1 – DC/Vertigo (142)

Tim Seeley has created some of the best stories I’ve read over the last two decades and his horror is always on point. I’m comfortable recommending this to any horror fan.

Descender Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1 HC – Image (192)

I follow Descender artist Dustin Nguyen on Instagram. He posts panels and art from the comic among the multitude of other art he presents and every single time I see something from this comic I think, “I wish I was reading this”. Now I can. Nguyen’s art is always fantastic, but seeing it in a sci-fi environment is breathtaking. I’m glad Image is releasing this kind of collection so I can catch up.

I realize I totally neglected to mention Jeff Lemire. Obviously he’s a draw, too. Especially working on original concepts. I haven’t been as big of a fan of his for-hire work.

I Hate Fairyland, Book One HC – Image (197)

After reading the I Hate Image Free Comic Book Day special I was even more regretful that I gave up on this book after the comic shop forgot to order the first issue and never got the second one for me. Skottie Young is awesome and hilarious and I’m looking forward to finding out just what, exactly, the deal is with this Gert chick.

Captain America #695 – Marvel (M2-3)

I was very disappointed with Mark Waid’s Champions, as it was overwhelmed by his personal politics. Avengers didn’t do anything for me, either. But the Waid/Samnee team has a tremendous track record and I want to read a good Captain America comic book. Hopefully this is it.

Oh, and I don’t give a crap about Marvel’s renumbering. It doesn’t make any sense and is nothing more than a gimmick. All I want is for them to stop starting over with new #1s in the middle of runs. It’s idiotic.

Side Note: I did not read Secret Empire – though it doesn’t sound nearly as bad to me as some have made it out to be – so I don’t have the anti-Cap bias that some might have now.

The Punisher #218 - Marvel (Cover, M16-17)

This is going to end up in my box simply through inaction because I’m currently reading Becky Cloonan’s very entertaining run with Frank.

Which, by the way – what the heck happened to Becky Cloonan and who is Matthew Rosenberg?

Daredevil by Waid & Samnee Omnibus Vol. 2 HC - Marvel (M90)

As I mentioned above, these two make magic together. Their work on Daredevil and Black Widow was awesome. If you didn’t read these comics when they were coming out, I recommend this collection and the first one. The stories aren’t without drama, but it’s fun superhero adventuring of the kind I feel is too scarce these days.

I very badly want a Batman and Robin book from Waid and Samnee.

Brilliant Trash #1 – Aftershock (256)

Here’s Tim Seeley once again providing an intriguing concept. If you could trade a few days off of your life for godlike powers, would you? And is that even the truth of the situation?
This sounds like it has the potential to be a bit more political than I generally care for, but I’ll give it a shot.

There’s Nothing There, Vol. 1 TP – Black Mask (290)

Weird, interesting horror that would be perfect to adapt as a television show or movie. I dug this a lot. It’s smart and different. For thirteen bucks you should definitely grab this first volume.

Kong on the Planet of the Apes #1 – BOOM! (294)

BOOM Studios is very good at this mash-up thing and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t into this. But I get too many comics already. I’ll wait for word of mouth and see if I need the trade.

Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition Volume 1 GN – Kodansha Comics (367)

With a few exceptions anime and manga aren’t my thing. This is one of those exceptions. I don’t know exactly what it is, but the original Battle Angel Alita anime really got me. I dug the heck out of it when I first saw it twenty or whatever years ago and even tracked down a couple of the volumes of the manga. I don’t know what happened to those – I’ve had some shady roommates over the years – but I don’t have them anymore. I’m gonna go ahead and order this and see if I still like it as much.

Buckaroo Banzai “Overthruster” Album T-Shirt (486)

I’ve already ordered two Buckaroo Banzai shirts even though I basically don’t need to buy any more t-shirts for the rest of my life. I like this one a lot more than the heather grey one I ordered. I might have to get it and give the other one away.

Idiotic GI Joe Jacket (492)

This has to be from the same company that created the stupid COBRA shirt that didn’t make any sense a couple of months ago. Why is a Cobra Commander jacket green? Why does it say “GI Joe” on the sleeve? I’ve seen bootleg products from turd world countries that were executed with more knowledge of the material than this piece of shit. Why is Hasbro letting them do this? Do they truly care this little about GI Joe now that just any old crap is fine?
This makes me angry.

Aliens: Hadley’s Hope Action Figure 2-Pack - NECA (513)

I never imagined we’d actually get an action figure of the great Paul Reiser as Burke. I certainly never imagined he’d have that look on his face. NECA is a truly delightful company.

Wonder Woman Q-Fig Max Figure – Quantum Mechanix (515)

This is the most adorable Wonder Woman ever aside from the actual, real-life Gal Gadot. Look at her determined little face! The missus is totally getting one of these for Christmas.

Ash vs. Evil Dead: Ultimate Ash Action Figure - NECA (519)

I own almost as many action figures of Ashley J. Williams as I do t-shirts.

Okay, maybe not that many. But I do already own an Ash vs. Evil Dead Ash. Which is why I’m going to go ahead and order this deluxe edition. The one I have is easily the best Bruce Campbell action figure I own and this version comes with four heads, all of the hand attachments, and other goodies that the one I already own didn’t include. I have to have it.

Pennywise from IT Living Dead Doll - Mezco (519)

Ever since Mattel changed the face sculpts on their Monster High Dolls to make them less “scary” (and more bland) my wife has gotten much more invested in Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls. Especially the licensed charatcers. Mezco does a great job of translating horror icons into terrifying little dolls and this Pennywise the Dancing Clown is no exception. It’ll be waiting under the tree for Mrs. Troublemaker on Christmas morning.

MST3K Pop! Figures - Funko (532)

Must-haves. Heck, I’ll even buy a Jonah if they make one. Definitely a Joel.

Unaffiliated Thoughts

I’ll be back next month with Unaffiliated Thoughts. I’m already running late and my brain has been turned to mush from this past Sunday’s Needless Commentary. Tune in on Friday for the worst movie we’ve watched yet, courtesy of Rad Ranger.

Yes – even worse than Krull.

Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comments, or join the discussion in the Needless Things Podcast Facebook Group!

That’s all I’ve got for this month. Start putting your pennies in your Diamond Select figural bank and remember to drop your order form off at your Local Comic Book Shop!

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