Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beth's Dragon Con 2017 Recap: Part 2

by Beth

If you missed the first part of my recap you can catch up here. I meant to get this up sooner, but the con crud was bad this year. I've still got some fluid in my lungs, but I don't want to die anymore so that's an improvement. Here, at last, is what went down on Saturday and Sunday.

Having gone to bed around midnight on Friday I woke up earlier than I had to. My interview with Casper Van Dien wasn't until 3:20 so I hadn't planned on getting in until around 2:30. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The parade is great, and I would happily still go if I was staying in a host hotel the whole weekend. The crowds are so crazy on Saturdays though that I wanted to put off dealing with them as long as I could. As I was drinking my morning coffee I got an email from media relations that my interview had been moved up to 2:20 which meant that my casual, lazy morning was over. I also got a text from The Phantom Troublemaker asking me to pick up some drain-o for his stopped up sink since Hilton maintenance still hadn't been up to fix it. Unclogging a sink seemed a small price to pay for a place to sleep Saturday night so I roused Mr. Tibbs to get us moving earlier. Parking at the Doraville MARTA station was a nightmare on Thursday and Friday so I was going to have him drop me off both to avoid trying to find parking and having to pay for parking overnight.
Unfortunately, I missed a second email saying that the interview had been moved back to 3:20 so I was very early. Upon checking in with the lovely ladies running the interview room at the Marriott I discovered that not only was I early, but that the interview was for both Casper Van Dien and Patrick Muldoon. My approval email had said group interview, but I took that to mean a group of reporters. D'oh! Good thing I was early. So I made my way over to the Hilton to fix Phantom's sink and try to figure out questions that would be appropriate for both of the guys rather than just Casper. When it was finally time to go back to the Marriott I felt reasonably prepared. I recorded the whole thing so you'll get the full audio soon.
As this was my only professional duty for the day I felt at ease to bum around and have a cocktail. We didn't have to start getting ready for the DDCCGGSS until 9 o'clock so there was plenty of time to hang out. The only thing I had flagged on my app that I could still do was a Starship Troopers panel, but since I'd just been really close to those guys I figured I could skip sitting at the back of a large ballroom. I was also in need of food so I met up with Rich on the Hilton patio for a hot dog before going back to the Spot 2.0. We met up with a bunch of people coming and going (or also in need of a place to relax). It was great to just sit and watch the action while not being in the thick of things. After a while though I figured it was time to change clothes, and clean up before the Phantom suite started getting crowded. Phantom (am I allowed to call him Dave yet?) arrived while I was reading and relaxing, and we were both too tired to do much of anything until the rest of the gang showed up. Show up they did though, and we had to start prepping for the DDCCGGSS. There was running through, costume changes, and a sexy Thanos makeup to start. Luckily Oz hadn't brought quite so many props this year so it wasn't as hard to get everything to the new, and huge ballroom over at the Hyatt. I had an actual job to do during the show this year so I definitely felt more useful than I have in past years. I won't go in to all the details of the game show here since I'm sure Phantom will be doing so in his wrap up. Let's just say that it was fun, but we really need to get it put back to 10pm so that the crowds aren't drawn away by dance parties or simple exhaustion before the show is over. That's the price you pay for #moreballroom though. After we got back to the Phantom suite it was 2am, and while the rest of the guys were ready to head out and party I was too tired to get up again. I decided to shower, regroup, and try to sleep. When Phantom stumbled back into the room around 4:30am I was still awake, but glad I had stayed put even if I hadn't been able to fall asleep. I had to be up for my press conference with Steve Blum at 10am, and Phantom had several panels in a row starting at 11:30.
Sunday morning arrived too soon, but I only had to roll out of bed to do my last interview, and would then be free to fully prepare myself for the rest of the day. It certainly wasn't a chore though. Talking to Steve Blum even without enough sleep was amazing. I had my first ever time cosplaying planned for the afternoon with Gnoll, dinner with a few of the DDGGCCSS friends, and then perhaps a last panel before I ended my time at the con. Around 2 o'clock I met Gnoll at the Hyatt, and was immediately surprised by how many kids recognized Team Rocket. I wish I'd thought to get a picture for myself, but so many other people asked for pictures of us that it just slipped my mind. Luckily Pete took a picture, and put it on Facebook. As we worked our way through to the Marriott, and then to the Hilton we got stopped many more times before we reached the Spot 2.0 again. After a good 2 and 1/2 hours of being in boots that weren't meant for long periods of walking I was ready to change and clean up again. I had just finished changing when Phantom, Ryan, and Nicole got to the room. I had been considering sitting down to pass out when they roused me for dinner at Meehan's. It was much needed though so I'm glad I was dragged off my ass this time. After dinner I had planned on meeting Gnoll for "Stories with Uncle George". If you've never seen this George Lowe panel I highly recommend you do so. That weird old man is hilarious. That done, I thought I'd take pity on Mr. Tibbs and head back to where my ride would be waiting. I could have gone back on Monday morning, but I knew I'd need the day off to rest up before going back to work. I rested my ass off, but the con crud still kicked in a few days later. I never drank to excess, but I definitely didn't get enough sleep or eat enough meals so it's probably at least partially my own fault.
All of the press thingys meant that I had to skip several panels I had planned on attending. I missed Stan Lee, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, John Cusack, and an MST3K panel due to the high cost of my press badge. I'm kidding though because I got to talk to Rooker, Casper Van Dien, Bill Corbett, and Steve Blum all live and in person. It was my busiest, and best con yet. Hopefully I did well enough (not making an ass of myself or pissing anyone important off) to get to do even more next year. I love you Dragon Con media relations team, and am in no way sucking up...okay, maybe a little.
The interviews will be posted starting later this week so keep checking back in for all of our Dragon Con coverage.

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