Wednesday, July 12, 2017

State of the Site Address

By Phantom Troublemaker

For over seven years, 1,915 posts, and almost two million page views, Needless Things has provided five posts a week almost every week.

We provide original content featuring perspectives and opinions about toys, movies, music, and all manner of pop culture dorkery. We don’t do clickbait, we don’t cut and paste Twitter feeds, and we don’t break our articles up over multiple pages to increase traffic.

We will never do those things.

I am proud of our content, our contributors, and what I see as a high standard of quality for our content. I am also proud that we have maintained that “Five posts a week almost every week” for so long. For the first several years I did it by myself with the occasional Guest Post. Now we have Jerry, Beth, Devlin, and Christina as contributors, helping to keep this thing regular.

Times change.

Starting next week, Needless Things will be updated purely on the availability of content and the desire to provide it.

The reason for this is that I have a lot more than the site on my plate now. I find myself writing because I feel like I need to and not because I want to and that’s no good. Needless Things was always meant to be an entertaining release, not an obligation. Also, my old brain is falling apart and I can no longer write a toy review, plan a movie review, schedule a game show, edit a podcast, and populate a panel all at the same time. I have to pick and choose what I can and will focus on because I want anything I do to get my full attention and be the best it can be.

There are other projects – some long-term – that require my attention and it’s not fair to you, the readers, or the folks involved in those other projects for my attention to be divided.

Do not despair! We still have plenty of exciting content in the future - Jerry and I will still post weekly, the Needless Things Podcast will still be available each and every Friday, and Beth will still be providing her perspective on alternating Tuesdays. Devlin and Christina will drop in when they can. Some weeks will see five or more posts, some will see three.

And our annual Dragon Con coverage is right around the corner, so spread the word and tell your friends!

Thank you all for stopping by for the past seven years and for sticking around for seven more to see what Needless Things – and Phantom Troublemaker – evolve into.

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