Friday, June 23, 2017

Needless Things Podcast 166 – Memory Lane Comics

Recorded on location at Memory Lane Comics in Wilmington, North Carolina!

Phantom Troublemaker sits down with Jake, the owner of Memory Lane Comics, a Local Comic Shop which has been operating since 1983. Wilmington has been Phantom’s home away from home for his entire life, and as it turns out he was shopping at Memory Lane when he was just a little Phantom. The opportunity to talk to the current proprietor of such a legendary institution was too good to pass up.

Nobody has quite the same perspective on the comic book industry as the retailers that work within it. Jake’s years of fandom and business experience provide an interesting look at how things have evolved over the years. Plus, his story will be familiar to anyone that has been loyal to their Local Comic Shop for years!

Listen in as Phantom and Jake discuss independent business and the modern comic book market!

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