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New York International Toy Fair 2017– Phantom’s Thoughts

Note: I noticed that thanks to social media A LOT more toy companies are releasing photos of the product they show at Toy Fair. It used to be tough for me to find enough pictures to fill out these posts, but this year I’ve found that there were very few toys I couldn’t find official pictures of. Good for me and good for you!

That being said, I highly recommend you follow ActionFigureAttack on Facebook and Instagram for some excellent press photos. Toy Ark did most of the heavy lifting for me this year, with tons of fantastic galleries. They got great pictures without posting the same figures six times from slightly different angles and then overlooking another figure entirely. Most of the links in this article will take you there. For the full list of links to Toy Ark product pages, click here!

It is time again to gaze in wonder upon the magic and marvels that the toy world will be unleashing upon us over the next year or so. That’s right, Phantomaniacs - the New York International Toy Fair happened this past weekend, and I am ready to deliver the highlights of the show!

Reveals started as early as the beginning of the month and I’ve done my best to keep up with everything. What you’ll read about today is just the stuff I’m interested in or have some kind of thoughts about because there’s simply too much for me to cover everything. If you want the full scoop, Toy Ark, ToyNewsi, and The Fwoosh are your best bets.

And of course, listen to this Friday’s episode of the Needless Things Podcast to hear me, Ryan, Jay, and Josh discuss all of the hottest reveals!


Just like last year, Mezco trumped everyone by unleashing some incredible new products a week before Toy Fair began. In addition to their One:12 Collective line, they had some new Living Dead Dolls and other goodies in store.

One:12 Collective

I’ll be surprised if anything at Toy Fair gets me more excited than these. Mezco dropped their first looks on Instagram, then proceeded to reveal full product sheets with accessories and features:

I didn’t care for this “Ascending Knight” version at first. It seems to be Mezco’s take on Batman’s first appearance from Detective Comics #27 and I’ve never been a fan of that look. But the more I see it, the more I like it. They did their usual thing of bringing a comic book design into the real world. Those ears, though – they might be too much. I’ll probably still wait for a more modern comic style Batman.

Wonder Woman seems more doll-like than action figure-y, but that’s because Gal Gadot just has a slim build. There’s no questioning her performance as Diana. I like this figure a lot and it’s probably going on the preorder list.

This MCU Daredevil was revealed the same day my comic book version arrived in the mail. At first I was disappointed because I generally prefer MCU versions, but now that I’ve opened mine I like it more. I can safely pass on this guy. He does look great, though.

At first glance I did not like this Wolverine. It’s grown on me, but there are still some elements that don’t work – his shorts are terrible. Maybe if they’d extend the black trim on the sides all the way down the legs it would look better. But now he just looks like some idiot that wears shorts over sweatpants. I don’t like the laces on the boots, either. They don’t work with the “wings” at the top. I think straps and buckles could work better. Overall the figure’s profile and proportions are very nice. There are just some details that I don’t like.
Doctor Strange looks great, but I don’t like him enough to buy a One:12 figure of the guy. Not even if it was Cumberbatch.

When we first saw it, Ryan and I both said that this Iron Man had better be something special to warrant a $70+ dollar price tag for just another 6” Iron Man figure. It turns out it has a ton of accessories (of course) and lights up. I was kind of hoping it would be die-cast. Whatever the case it looks excellent, but Tony isn’t a seventy dollar guy, either.

This action figure is a goshdarn nightmare. I could hardly stand to look at it at first. As time has gone on I have grown to accept and even love it. Now I feel like I must add this monstrosity to my collection. I hope the variant version is Robin Williams.

The Dawn of the Dead zombies were a huge surprise to me. I’m not sure who will spend $70+ on zombies, no matter how great the figures look or how notable those specific zombies are. And yeah – I know these are far from random, but they’re still just dead guys with no real context in your collection.

Young Bruce Campbell must be one of the hardest likenesses to nail in all of licensed toydom. I have never seen an action figure of pre-1993 Ash that looked right (NECA has come closest with their retro cloth Ash; not their regular plastic ones). I have faith that Mezco will be the ones to do it, but this isn’t it. I’m glad they still have a year (or more) to work on it. I do love the specificity of the tear in the shirt and how the fabric matches up.

From Mezco's Facebook page
WHY IS DIABOLIK 2018!?!?!?! This is the most disappointing news out of Toy Fair, even over Mattel dropping Monster High. Which they did because sales dropped off because they changed the look of the dolls. You can ask Mrs. Troublemaker about all of that. She’s furious. Now she truly understands the concept of #Mattyfail.

It will be interesting following the development of these figures over the coming months. While most of them look like they’re basically ready for the market, Mezco will no doubt make many tweaks an adjustments, hopefully to the things that I have mentioned here. Mostly to Wolverine’s shorts. Out of everything, those are bothering me the most.


Funko is still an unstoppable juggernaut of adorable tchotchkes that I don’t quite classify as toys, which is fine. Their Pops and Dorbs and whatever else lines are all great and hit the price point sweet spot for casual collectors. We even have a number of Pop figures at home because they’re something all three of us can agree on and the aesthetic really does work for some (most) licenses.

As far as actual toys go, the company has shifted direction. Super 7 has taken back control of the ReAction brand and Funko has replaced it with 4” figures that don’t share a name brand but are still aesthetically in line between franchises. Which brings me to the first BIG NEWS of this year’s Toy Fair:

4” Batman Classic TV Show Action Figures

Oh, boy, are these delightful!

For my money, Figures Inc. is producing the best Batman ’66 figures of all time, but they’re more collectible than they are toy. Mattel lunged into the license with their usual complete lack of consumer understanding and their botched line is still warming Toys R Us shelves everywhere.

Now Funko is taking a stab at what should be a huge cash cow of a toy line and they seem to have the right idea. The figures have around ten points of articulation and the Batmobile that they’re releasing, while off-scale to the figures, matches aesthetically and looks like it is designed to not break the bank. Of course, Funko’s Game of Thrones figures in this scale are priced at fifteen bucks each, so I’m not sure how well these will be received if they’re at the same price point. Fifteen bucks is a tough sell for a 4” figure.

Either way, I’m excited that this is happening and I’m hoping for a long, healthy life for the line that could possibly lead to a Batcave playset. I mean, Funko released a freakin’ Wall for Game of Thrones. You’d think a Batcave would be seen as a slightly better gamble.


I am WAY out of the loop on this one. I haven’t seen the Netflix series and still haven’t even watched the movie. But I do know that this franchise is super popular amongst the geeks and I’m always rooting for Funko to have a hit.

DC Collectibles

There’s no denying that DCC is one of my favorite toy companies and that they always have an exciting batch of offerings for Toy Fair and SDCC. I love that they are a company that seems to learn as they go along and are constantly making changes and improvements to both their products and their business; frustrating though the process can sometimes be.
Every year since 2014 DCC has made a huge splash with an announcement for their DC Animated line and this year is no different.

Animated Toy Line

Holy crap they’re releasing a Batcave.

Well, part of the Batcave.

It looks like a smaller set, but you have to consider that that’s a 6” scale Alfred standing on it. This thing is massive. It also has light-up effects (but no sounds because for some reason DCC doesn’t do sounds). Here’s the problem, as pointed out by our pal Belligerent Monkey:

Due to their design, the DC Animated figures don’t all stand up so well without their huge, ugly stands. They do not have peg holes in their feet, so there’s no alternative to get them to stand. So you can either put those giant stands on this playset (diorama) or just have a Batcave sleepover.

DCC also showed off a new Joker with multiple heads, hands, and accessories, similar to the Batman they displayed last year. I think it’s super neat for anyone that doesn’t already have a Joker. I do wish they’d release these as accessory sets rather than including the figures we already own.


First up was a diorama-style boxed set of Doomsday and a “battle damaged” Superman. This seems really specific for such a pricey toy line. I’ll be curious to see how it does. I don’t give a crap about Doomsday, so this isn’t for me anyway. It is a neat set, though.

There’s a Super Sons box set coming with Damian and Johnathan. They look great and if the comic continues to be as good this should be a huge seller. It will be John Kent’s first figure and there aren’t exactly a ton of Damians out there.

As for single-carded releases, there was a nice Nightwing and a Supergirl that may well be the best-looking figure of that character I have ever seen.

Designer Series

Surprising nobody, the line of Bombshell figures based on designs by Any Lucia continues. I like the look of these, but the articulation is a little wonky in places. It might be one of those things where it isn’t as noticeable in person or when the figures are posed. So far all of these Icons-style figures have been phenomenal in person.

Films Series

After much fanfare last year, this line is officially dead. It was reported that DCC decided that the market was too crowded for them to compete in the realm of movie figures. This is in reference to the high-dollar figures meant to compete with the likes of MAFEX and Figuarts, not DCC’s standard film and TV releases.

Other Releases

We are FINALLY getting a figure of Sarah Lance in her White Canary costume from Legends of Tomorrow! I don’t totally love that show, but I love her character. Putting her in the leadership role is the smartest thing that show has done.

There’s also a Kid Flash on the way. It looks great, but I still can’t help but feel that the costume is too goofy in real life. It’s the head sock, man.


NECA Club x Alien

This was a big surprise and a brilliant idea. Aliens offer the opportunity for farmed parts yet tons of variety, cool exclusives, and troop building.

Introducing NECA CLUB x ALIEN!

We’re excited to announce our new NECA CLUB x ALIEN program with huge perks to our most loyal Alien action figure fans! Beginning with our Aliens Series 11 Assortment, buy every NECA Alien action figure that we release this year as part of the NECA CLUB x ALIEN program, and you’re eligible for a year-end, 100% exclusive figure… and along the way, we’ll throw in a few awesome bonuses – all 100% exclusive to the club.

What other benefits does NECA CLUB x ALIEN offer?
  • Access to convention exclusives
  • Delivery straight to your door, in most cases before retail
  • Regular news updates as items are revealed
  • Dedicated customer service
How does it work? Check out our full FAQ for all the details. And don’t forget to visit NECA CLUB x ALIEN to buy the Aliens Series 11 Assortment to join the Club. Or sign up to receive updates and product announcements. Your membership begins with your first purchase. Just remember: supplies are limited. So don’t miss out!

Evil Dead

We already knew about the Ashy Slashy prop replica, but I’m going to mention it again because it’s A PUPPET OF BRUCE CAMPBELL and that warrants special notice.

I’m very excited about the Evil Ed figure, but somewhat less so about the fact that in order to get it I have to buy another Ash. I love Bruce Campbell. I love Ashley J. Williams. But I have a lot of figures of that guy. Looks like we’re having a contest for an Ash figure around here soon.

Ed does look great and I can’t wait to slice his egg-sucking Deadite head in half.

Aliens & Predators

The new Prometheus movie Alien: Covenant is looming and it’s time for new toys from NECA! It looks like they were a little spoked by the failure of the Prometheus line (it turns out we didn’t want five different versions of the Engineers) and are offering a very limited range to start, with no human figures. In my opinion the humans weren’t the problem with the Prometheus figures, aside from needing more of them (which NECA is, thankfully, finally releasing).

I LOVE this next bit of news – NECA is releasing action figure sets based on the DC/Dark Horse crossovers! On display were Superman, Batman in both a regular costume and his Predatorbuster armor (I made that name up and also it might be Alienbuster armor – I can’t quite recall), and a Predator and Joker alien from the comics. I loved these crossovers and am always excited to get DC releases from NECA anyway. I can’t wait to see these on shelves. And they are regular releases, not exclusives.

Finally, we got our first full look at Wave 11 of NECA’s Aliens line – Lambert, a xenomorph from Dark Horse’s Defiance series, and the blue Kenner Alien. I think they look great and I want them all.

Quarter Scale

NECA’s giant 18”(ish) figures seem to be hotter than ever with the recent releases of Deadpool and Donatello from the Ninja Turtles. Both of those have gotten much more positive reviews than some of NECA’s older figures.

This year they had a MCU Doctor Strange, a comic Daredevil, and Spider-Man as he looks in Homecoming. There was also an Iron Man that looked new to me, but I don’t make a point of collecting these so I might have lost track a bit.

Surprising no one, there’s also a quarter scale Freddy from Dream Warriors in the works. That’s my favorite version and favorite Nightmare, but I just don’t need it.

Retro Cloth

I love all of the Texas Chainsaw movies for one reason or another, but I hadn’t actually seen Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III until a few years ago. It was one of those deals where I thought I had seen it, went to look for it in my collection one day and was surprised to find I didn’t have it, ordered it, watched it, and realized I had never even seen it before. That doesn’t happen to me a lot, but it has a few times. And I loved it.

My point here is that I am thrilled to see NECA’s retro figure of this Leatherface coming out. I love this line and I’ll buy every Chainsaw release they make. Fingers crossed for Dennis Hopper.

Following the release of a Good Guy doll retro figure with the Scream Factory release of Child’s Play, NECA is (thankfully) releasing a version that is straight-up angry Chucky. I’m stoked and will buy it in the hopes that one day Brad Dourif will be at a convention near me to sign it.


NECA had a freddy Krueger marionette in their booth a couple of years ago but didn’t ever say anything about it. This year it’s official – a prop replica is coming out in June(ish). This I will buy.

A Friday the 13th Part V: The Final Chapter Ultimate Jason Voorhees is on the way. I’ll probably skip this one. Let me know when they get around to Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X.

Their Godzilla-only Godzilla line continues with Shin and a 2001 version with atomic breath. I wish they could get the license to produce other Kaiju from the films, but it is not to be.


I don’t follow import toys as closely, but it’s worth noting that Bandai will be releasing figures for Pacific Rim: Uprising. NECA no longer has the license. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’d honestly be happy if Lanard Toys released a bunch of cheap but fun giant robots and monsters like their King Kong Mega-Figure. I want to be able to play with giant robots and monsters without worrying about them falling apart or causing me injury.


This is more in line with what my son collects, but I had to mention some awesome releases from the Ninja Turtles line.

I collected the original line back in the day and some of my favorite characters are getting some awesome modern updates – Muckman, monster Turtles (though not branded as Universal this time), new versions of Rocksteady and Bebop that more closely resemble their classic looks, and two different Usagi Yojimbo figures! One is in samurai armor and the other is the spitting image of a traditional comic book Usagi as drawn by Stan Sakai.
There are also a number of new Voltron toys coming, including figures of the pilots and new Robeasts.

I wish I had pics of these for you guys, but Playmates understandably don’t see the need to cater to us quite the same as some other companies.

Pics from Super 7 on Facebook
Super 7

Several new brands of ReAction figures were shown, including The Toxic Avenger, Jack Kirby’s Lord Light, Planet of the Apes, Iron Maiden, Robotech, and Shogun Warriors(!). I’m a big fan of these figures, but the new $15 price point is too much unless it’s something really super awesome (like the glow-in-the-dark The Worst set).

Masters of the Universe

Right off the bat a neon green Trap-Jaw caught my eye. It’s part of a three-pack that will be one of two being offered as Power Con Exclusives this year. I do believe Mr. Beau Brown called these and a few other figures on display on Episode 146 of the Needless Things Podcast! He must have toy connections that I don’t (unsurprising - I don’t have many toy connections). The first three-pack is Trap-Jaw, Stratos, and Prince Adam. They are all unusually naked and strangely colored, so I’m assuming this is the Ibiza Variant Pack. The other includes two bonkers Snake Men along the lines of Kamo Khan and a dude in minty armor. I don’t know how I feel about any of these other than Trap-Jaw. I have to have naked green Trap-Jaw, though, so I guess someone here will be winning Party Time Stratos and Rest Area Prince Adam sometime in the future.

Super 7 is also releasing a wonderful Filmation Hordak as well as Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Tri-Klops. They all look fantastic and I halfway wish I was collecting the Filmation figures because they sure would all look swell on a shelf together.

Much to my surprise, Super 7 is following up their special Skeletor and the Three Terrors set with more vintage-style releases, including He-Ro, Eldor, Skeletor, Hordak, Teela, and He-Man. This is a very interesting development and I’m curious to see what collectors think. Re-releasing the vintage figures is not without precedent, though. Mattel themselves did it in the late 90s or early 00s (I can’t recall for sure – I sold mine when they peaked on eBay).


I love that Super 7 gets so much mileage out of their nostalgia-driven formats. There were tons of new MUSCLE (Millions of Unusually Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere) figures at Toy Fair – new series of Masters of the Universe and Aliens, Robotech, Shogun Warriors, Mega Man, and Super 7’s own in-house brand The Worst!

Side Note: I am pretty in love with The Worst. It’s not often that a new, original license can come out of nowhere and overshadow stuff like Masters of the Universe, Aliens, and Planet of the Apes, but I am more excited about the potential for these guys than I am anything else Super 7 has going. That says a lot for the creators working for this company.


They’re still working on it.

I'm pretty sure this a 12" TRU Exclusive figure.

Hasbro dominates the market. Between Transformers, Marvel, Star Wars, and whatever else Hasbro has the license for they are the Big Boys of the toy aisle every time a new movie is coming out. It’s actually not great for other companies because smaller licenses or toys that aren’t related to a movie or TV show have to fight the juggernaut (and sometimes literally The Juggernaut) for retailer attention and shelf space. That’s why Walmart being the biggest toy retailer is such a bad thing.

Marvel Legends

Sweet merciful heavens, this line must be doing gangbusters. I can’t remember the last time Hasbro had such an overwhelming assortment of 6” Marvel product. If you want the full scoop, listen in on Friday. I’m mjsut highlighting some of my favorites today.

For the full list of what was shown at Toy Fair this year, check out ToyArk.

MCU Star Lord & Ego 2-pack – I can’t even imagine not wanting a Chris Pratt and Kurt Russell dream date set. This is available for preorder now from EntertainmentEarth.

MCU Nebula – I’ll buy pretty much any action figure of Karen Gillen. MCU figures are my primary Marvel thing now, so this is a must-have anyway.

MCU Rocket Raccoon w/ Baby Groot – This is an improved, more articulated Rocket with little Groot in his flight suit. They’re action figure perfection and guaranteed to be pre-sold out as soon as they’re offered.

MCU Gamora – I’m not sure that I totally need this Gamora since I’ve got the old one and I like it quite a bit.

MCU Mantis – New lady! New character! That’s three females in this wave! I’m not excited for feminism or equality or anything, just for toy collecting. I’ve been collecting for four decades now and female characters have always been frustrating because they either don’t get made or are difficult to find. Take note, though – all of you internet activists that shrieked so loudly at Hasbro over Rey and Black Widow had better go out and buy these or you’re going to find yourselves shrieking again in a few years.

MCU Spider-Man and Iron Man 2-pack – It looks like Hasbro fixed the discolored joint pegs that were on the first MCU Spidey figure. I sure hope they did. I won’t buy one with ugly joints like that and I want this set. Not just to have an MCU Spider-Man, but because I love the design of the Ultimate Iron Man armor and this basically looks like it.

MCU Vulture – I know I’m going to want this figure, but I don’t want to buy the rest of the wave to get his wings. UPDATE: I added the above picture after I wrote that and this one makes it look like he comes with smaller wings that are perfectly fine. Or this could be a 3.75" Vulture.

MCU Daredevil – Mezco is making a One:12 version, but all of my MCU toys are Hasbro. I’ll stick with the twenty dollar version (assuming these figures are still $20 when these are released). I like this costume even if it is a little too armored.

MCU Elektra – I’m on the fence. I want her because she’s a MCU figure, but this costume is pretty much the shits. I think it’s the laziest superhero costume we’ve seen; like, even worse than stuff on Smallville.

MCU Punisher – That likeness of Jon Bernthal is excellent and this totally makes him look like a Steve Dillon (RIP) drawing. I think this figure looks fantastic. Must-have.

MCU Jessica Jones – I just happen to be rewatching Jessica Jones right now. I wanted to watch the first episode again just so I could freshen up for my ongoing series of posts on the Netflix shows, but now I’m on episode 6. It’s my favorite of the Marvel shows so far. Luke Cage is a close second, so I hope we’re getting a figure of him soon, too.

Comic Style Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2-pack – This would appeal to me, but I don’t care for the current Spider-Man costume or comic and MJ’s face looks a little harsh. I think a Renew Your Vows family set would have been a much better idea, but this one was probably in the works before that comic happened. Maybe next year.

Comic Style Spider-Man & Vulture 2-pack – I love the look of both of these. It’s been a while since I read Ultimate Spider-Man, so I’m not sure if that’s what Vulture looked like, but that definitely looks like an Ultimate Spidey. Or from the Spectacular cartoon. Which is also fine.

Comic Style Thor (Jane Foster) – I haven’t read any of the comics featuring Foster as Thor because the shop didn’t pull them for me when it started and I just never remembered to ask, but I love this character design.

TRU Exclusive A-Force 6-pack – I think this is a crazy move and doomed to clearance, but I bet a few of these wouldn’t have happened outside of a retailer exclusive set. There are three of these I’d like to have. If you can guess which three, I’ll send you a free clear blue chick.

Other Stuff – Hasbro also revealed new items from their Legends line of prop replicas. Electronic versions of Mjolnir and Star Lord’s mask are on the way and both look great. I’m especially impressed by the sub-$100 price points they’re maintaining on this line.
There was so much more to cover, and we’ll discuss it all this Friday.

Star Wars

Hasbro almost seems to be abandoning the 3.75” action figure scale, which breaks my heart but makes my wallet happy. I was almost tempted by their new Black Series 40th Anniversary gimmick, but fortauntely Hasbro Toy Shop sold out before I could order any (which is what always happens when things are sold on Hasbro Toy Shop). 

The deal is that they’re releasing 6” Black Series versions of the original 12 Kenner figures on vintage cardbacks. I am such a HUGE sucker for vintage cardbacks.


I almost overlooked these exciting fully articulated 3.75” releases that will be Walmart Exclusives and that I’ve got to think are far better choices for release than Director Krennic or Galen Erso or K2-S0 or any of the supporting characters from Rogue One or aliens from The Force Awakens or even a freaking Gonk droid. I know when I saw that picture I jumped up and pumped my fist and shouted, “FINALLY A PROTOTYPE PONDA BABA”. And three figures I already have.


Josh from The Oncoming Storm, will be filling us in on Hasbro’s Transformers plans on Friday!

Diamond Select Toys

I may have cooled on the Ghostbusters Select line, but I’m pleased to see it appears to be doing well. Well enough that DST has a beautiful Vigo on display in front of what looks like a diorama of the firehouse. There was also a mock-up of Yanosh, but that really only indicates that they’re planning to release Yanosh. It’s not even a picture of a sculpt or anything.

I have a couple of figures from DST’s The Nightmare Before Christmas collection and they look fantastic. I plan to buy more despite the fact that Jack’s leg broke off with little more than a light breeze. There were more collection dolls on display, as well as new Select figures of Sandy Claws (with an elf), Lock, Shock, and Barrel (with the bathtub), Pumpkin King Jack (with an incredible fountain), Zero (with his doghouse), Jack in his pajamas with a chalkboard, and Behemoth with the little fat kid.

I love Diamond’s Muppets Select line and I wish I had the budget and the space to collect it. They displayed new figures of Rolf (with his piano and the Manamana guy), Lew Zealand (with a film projector), Janice and Floyd Pepper (with instruments), and their first Miss Piggy (with her dog and possibly a penguin).


Mattel was in something of a rut last year, but this year they have a quite a few noteworthy products. I give Mattel a lot of crap for putting out sub-par product, and I mean it, but there’s no getting around the fact that they have some of the coolest toy properties out there. And when they do things right, they’re awesome. They just choose not to more often.

DC Multiverse

These seem to be warming the heck out of pegs right now at every store I frequent, but apparently they’re selling well enough because Mattel had two new series of figures to show.

The Wonder Woman movie wave features Themyscira Diana, Wonder Woman (in a coat, which I like), Steve Trevor, Queen Hippolyta, and an Ares build-a-figure that looks completely badass. But I’d still rather have Mezco’s One:12 movie Wonder Woman than this whole set.

The newest non-movie wave of figures has me genuinely excited to the point where I’m probably going to preorder it from BigBad. The centerpiece is an all-new Clayface build-a-figure that is simply magnificent. But the best part is that I actually want every figure in this wave(!!!!!!!!!!). It consists of Rebirth Superman, Batwoman (with an unmasked head!), Two-Face as he recently appeared in All-Star Batman, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, and Martian Manhunter from Supergirl. Okay, so I don’t necessarily want the TV J’onn, but I know a certain queen of rock n’ roll that will.

Justice League Action!

The show hasn’t won me over yet and these toys… they look like very nice Happy Meal premiums. My son obsessively collects DC superheroes and is not interested in these at all.

This is a huge deal for Mattel. Good for them. I have spent a total of probably twenty minutes of my life playing HALO and it wasn’t my thing, but I know it’s a hot property.

Phantom’s Picks

Best Overall Toy – The above LEGO pug set is obviously the greatest toy ever made.

Company That Made the Biggest Splash – I have to go with Mezco. NECA’s DC/Dark Horse figures and Aliens sub service are big and Super 7 actually excited me the most, but Mezco unleashed ten new One:12 figures outta nowhere. Ranging from very good to excellent to at least intriguing, this was a huge way to kick off Toy Fair and nobody else got my attention quite as much. Now that I think about it, though, honorable mention goes to Funko’s Batman ’66 line.

Doomed to Failure – Mattel’s 6” scale, $250 Batmobile, which I forgot to mention above because it irritated me so much. It’s a remote control vehicle with lights, sounds, and mechanical movement. It even has reservoirs for oil to create a smoke effect. But it also has what looks like an even shittier version of one of their Multiverse figures permanently affixed in the cockpit. I don’t think die-hard RC enthusiasts are going to take a vehicle from Mattel seriously enough to spend that, and I know very few collectors who want a twelfth scale Batmobile with a Mattel Batman forever stuck inside, even if it weren’t TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS.

Biggest Surprise – Mattel is releasing a whole wave of Multiverse figures that is great with a build-a-figure that is incredible. Also they are rumored to be raising the price of these to $25, which is ridiculous.

Biggest Letdown – The continued lack of articulated 3.75” Star Wars figures from Hasbro. Boo, Hasbro, BOO.

That's all I've got for now! I'm sure there's plenty of news that I didn't come across over the weekend or neglected to cover, so be sure to tune in to this Friday’s Needless Things Podcast for even more Toy Fair goodness!

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