Friday, December 16, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 138 – Batman Returns Needless Commentary

Part of an ongoing series – the Needless Things Irregulars gather in the Phantom Zone to provide their own unique commentary on classic genre films!

In 1992 moviegoers and comic book fans were treated to Christmas in June with the follow-up to Tim Burton’s mega-successful 1989 Batman. The sequel featured Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader squaring off against Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Danny DeVito as Penguin, Christopher Walken as Max Schreck, and hundreds of puppet penguins with missiles strapped to their backs!

Phantom Troublemaker is joined by The Rad Ranger, Arian, Ryan Cadaver, and special guests Nicole Gould and Mike Gordon for this installment of Needless Commentary!

Grab your DVD, Blu-ray, or Betamax cassette and follow along at home as the gang share their thoughts about one of the greatest Christmas films of all time!

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