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31 Days of Halloween: The Phantom Channel Listings for October 31, 2016

Welcome to the final day of 31 Days of Halloween here on Needless Things!

This month has been a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed putting together programming over the weeks. I’ve managed to watch quite a few of the shows and movies that I’ve listed in the past four Phantom Channel posts and it’s definitely enhanced my season.

I love television. More than I should, probably. And I’m not talking about just any old shows – I don’t watch just to watch. But the format itself has fascinated me my entire life. Whether it’s weekly storytelling, game shows, sitcoms, cartoons, or talk shows I have always been interested in this never-ending source of entertainment.

As many fond memories and favorite things have come from TV, nothing will ever top the joy of Halloween specials. Every format I mentioned above has done it and Halloween-themed events tend to stand at as some of the most interesting and entertaining examples of what TV has done.

Example: That time on The Cosby Show when they made a haunted house in the basement.

When I mentioned that you – provided you’re of a certain age – probably smiled to yourself and got a little giddy before even remembering what an appalling scumbag Bill Cosby has turned out to be. That’s some powerful Halloween magic!

While I won’t be including that Cosby episode in today’s listings, I will be compiling some of my favorite episodes and events from years past. These aren’t just spooky, they’re all specifically about or relating to Halloween itself.

Today’s theme:

Side Note – I have Elvira’s Halloween Special from 1986 scheduled to run for one hour at 8 PM. This originally aired on MTV and featured Elvira segments intercut with music videos. It also ran four hours. If I cut it down to just the segments and four or five of the best videos I could get it down to an hour. Pretend that’s what happened. Also, feel free to watch the Elvira stuff and some incredible 80s commercials here:


6:00 – Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King – Family – Frank Welker, Casey Kasem
Scooby and the gang face a Halloween mystery!(79 min.)

8:00 – Disney’s Halloween Treat – Animated
A collection of Disney’s spookiest moments. (60 min.)

9:00 – Winnie the Pooh: Boo to You Too! – Animated
It’s Halloween in the Hundred-Acre Woods. (21 min.)

9:30 – Bugs Bunny’s Howl-oween Special – Animated
Classic spooky animation from Warner Bros. (30 min.)

10:00 – The Fall Guy “October the 31st” - Action
Colt is set to guest star alongside Elvira, Mistress of the Dark in a Halloween special. (44 min.)

11:00 – MacGyver “Halloween Knights" – Action
Mac has to rescue Murdoc’s sister from a Halloween Party that could mean her doom.  (44 min.)


12:00 – Walker, Texas Ranger “The Children of Halloween" – Action
Children are being kidnapped in preparation for a Satanic sacrifice on Halloween.  (44 min.)

1:00 – CHiPs “Rock Devil Rock” – Drama
Ponch and Bobby are hired to protect a Goth rocker named Moloch. (48 min.)

2:00 – Goosebumps “The Haunted Mask” – Horror
A Halloween mask turns out to be a real nightmare. (44 min.)

3:00 – RL Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls – Horror
An evil carnival becomes part of a small town’s Halloween festival. (86 min.)

4:30 – Friends “The One With the Halloween Party” – Comedy
Monica and Chandler throw a costume party. Problems are solved in under half an hour. (22 min.)

5:00 – Roseanne “BOO!”- Comedy
The legendary haunted house episode. (24 min.)

5:30 – Mad About You “The Unplanned Child”- Comedy
The Buchmans end up babysitting on Halloween night. (24 min.)


6:00 – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air “Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect Parts 1 & 2” - Comedy
The family heads to the mall to buy costumes for Hilary’s Halloween party, but trouble ensues. (45 min.)

7:00 – The Office “Halloween” - Comedy
It’s Halloween at Dunder Mifflin and someone won’t make it through the day. With their job. (22 min.)

7:30 – Parks and Recreation “Greg Pikitis” - Comedy
Leslie’s nemesis hatches a devious scheme while Ann Perkins struggles to host a successful party on Halloween. (22 min.)

8:00 – Elvira’s Halloween Special – Comedy/Music
The Mistress of the Dark hosts an hour of music and scares. (53 min.)

9:00 - South Park "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" – Animation
Nu metal rockers Korn arrive in South Park to solve a mystery. (22 min.)

9:30 – Tales from the Darkside “Halloween Candy” – Horror
A cranky old man learns a lesson about Halloween. (22 min.)

10:00 – Trick ‘r Treat – Horror – Anna Paquin, Brian Cox
A collection of stories from a small town on Halloween. (82 min.)

12:00 – Halloween III: Season of the Witch – Horror – Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin
Have a happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock! (98 min.)

Late Night

2:00 – Tales of Halloween – Horror – Barbara Crampton, Barry Bostwick
Ten Halloween tales! (92 min.)

4:00 – Halloween – Horror – Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis
The night he came home.(91 min.)

That’s the final day of Halloweeny programming in the can! I hope you decide to watch a couple of these selections and maybe even put together a viewing schedule of your own. Be sure to join the Needless Things Podcast Facebook Group and share your own awesome Halloween viewing schedules. We’d love to hear from you!

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Until next year, stay creepy!

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