Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Phantom at Dragon Con 2016 - Cosplay Wins

Welcome to what essentially serves as a filler article until I can get some real writing time in this weekend!

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And now, on to some of the best cosplay I saw at Con!

For me, cosplay is one of the most important aspects of Dragon Con; or any other convention. It helps me to immerse myself in the environment and escape from the real world.

DC TV Heroes
I loved these guys. Solid costumes of characters I love watching on TV. Well, two out of three. The first season of Legends of Tomorrow didn't do Ray Palmer any favors.

Aunty Entity
Who runs Bartertown!?!

Suicide Squad Joker
Look! It's none other than our pal, Devlin Valek as Batman's most notorious nemesis!

Michael Keaton Batman
You guys know I love Tim Burton's Batman, so I was absolutely delighted by this guy! I wish I had gotten a better shot of his actual costume because it looked fantastic. But I just wanted him to threaten me.

Saga is the best comic book ever and these kids are great!

Jillian Holtzmann
It's our pal, K80, as everyone's favorite new Ghostbuster!

Fisto from Masters of the Universe
Burlesque host Guy McSplosion as Fisto! I didn't see a lot of Masters characters, but he was the best!

Cersei Lannister funeral dress
I don't generally like interrupting cosplayers trying to use their phones, but he looked incredible and was the first - and only - person I saw in this dress.

Hand and Wash are dead
Twisted and hilarious. 

Tiki Zombie
Wow! It's Mike Gordon's wacky tiki guy!

Cassidy from Preacher
Sod off, mate.

GI Joe
And of course, these guys win the Con!

Come back tomorrow for Jerry's first post-Con article, and then on Friday for a Dragon Con wrap-up with me and the aforementioned Mike Gordon!

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