Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 123 – Dragon Con 2016: The Horror Track


In order to bring you the final episode of Needless Things’ 2016 Dragon Con lead-ins before Con actually starts, we’re posting two days early!

On today’s episode Phantom Troublemaker talks to Derek Tatum, Director of the Dragon Con Horror Track!

For the first time ever, Phantom is working with the Horror Track in 2016! Since 2005 the Director, Derek, has been programming a mixture of literary and media-based panels for all stripes of horror fans. Learn how the modern Horror Track came to be, how panels and panelists come together, and how Derek injects his own personal taste into the programming while still brining everything that Dragon Con attendees love!

Listen in as Phantom and Derek discuss the ins and outs of Horror at Dragon Con!

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