Friday, August 12, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 120 – Dragon Con 2016: Joshua Holden

2016 Dragon Con coverage begins here! Phantom Troublemaker talks to the Ambassador of Joy, puppeteer Joshua Holden!

Two years ago performer and puppeteer Joshua Holden attended the National Puppet Slam and Dragon Con in Atlanta. His Con performance brought an entire ballroom of attendees to joyous tears and formed a special bond amongst all who were there to witness. If you’ve heard the term “wear a cape” uttered in reverent tones in relation to Dragon Con, Joshua and his friend Mr. Nicholas are the reason why.

In today’s episode, Phantom learns Joshua’s story and the import with which he carries the title of Ambassador of Joy. Most importantly, they talk about Joshua’s return to Atlanta for this year’s Dragon Con and another exciting National Puppet Slam!

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