Friday, August 5, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 118 – San Diego Comic Con 2016 Part 2 – Movies, TV, & More

It’s time once again for the Needless Things Irregulars to discuss all of the biggest movie and television dorkery to come out of San Diego Comic Con!

Every year at Comic Con Hollywood busts out teasers, tidbits, and trailers for the biggest upcoming genre projects. This year was no different, with clips for Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, Wonder Woman, and even the forthcoming Justice League! All of this and more generated huge levels of excitement amongst the fans and con-goers in attendance. If, like the Needless Things Irregulars, you weren’t there, you can find out about all of the hottest stuff in today’s episode!

Listen in as Phantom, Head of Research Ryan, and Belligerent Monkey Jay talk about the glitz and glam of SDCC 2016!

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