Friday, July 1, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 114 – Nickelodeon in the 80s

Phantom Troublemaker, Ryan Schweck, R.T. Ewell, and Mr. Beau Brown share memories of the entertainment powerhouse that was Nickelodeon in the 1980s!

Nickelodeon was the first television channel for kids and it has a legacy of irreverent, thought-provoking programming going all the way back to 1980. Shows like Mr. Wizard's World and Standby: Lights, Camera, Action! Sought to educate kids about the world around them while programs like You Can't Do That On Television were more subtle about the messages they presented. The 80s were a very different time in American culture and allowed for much edgier content on a channel aimed at children.

Nickelodeon also featured programming expressly aimed at younger kids, as well. From Pinwheel to Today's Special, they set a standard for what the youth of the day expected from their shows.

Listen in as the Needless Things Irregulars reminisce about the glorious, gross, golden age of Nickelodeon!

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  1. Hey Phantom,

    I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed this episode on 80's Nickelodeon. It brought back some fond memories. I loved me some Out of Control and You Can't Do That On Television.

    One of your guests mentioned a show about some kids finding a hidden room with a typewriter, and that made me think he might have been thinking of a show called Read All About It. This was a Canadian show that ran on PBS. My fourth grade teacher showed it to the class in 84-85. In it, three kids, a boy and two girls, go to a coach house left to the boy by his uncle, who disappeared mysteriously. In it, they find two sentient computers: Otto, a dot matrix printer with eyeballs that communicates through printing out its words, and Theta, a computer monitor with eyeballs that talks and shows its words on the screen. The kids have to foil the floating head Dunadeen, ruler of the galaxy Trialviron, in his attempts to take over their small town. The show taught kids reading, writing and history in short 15 minute episodes that always ended on a cliffhanger. There was a season two, but I never saw it. You can look up the show online. Hopefully this will jog your friend's memory.

    Anyway, I loved the episode. If you want to do a 90's Nick episode at some point, I'd love to be on it (my faves from that era include Ren & Stimpy, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?).