Friday, July 8, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 115 – Animation vs. Live Action

Phantom Troublemaker and Mike Gordon compare storytelling in animation versus live action!

Over the years it has been every fan’s dream to see their favorite comic book characters adapted into cartoons; be they ongoing or feature-length. From there the next step was live action movies. Adapting original cartoons into live action movies has also been an exciting and anticipated development. To fans, it often felt like acknowledgment or validation that their franchise was important enough to be portrayed in a “real” medium for a mainstream audience.

But over the last two decades animation has evolved into a serious medium unto itself. With visual possibilities that go far beyond what any live action could offer and a storytelling style that can be adapted for everything from kid-friendly content to adults-only stories like Batman: The Killing Joke, is animation now a superior medium to present to fandom?

Listen in as Phantom and Mike debate the pros and cons of animation and live action and take a look at each medium’s service of genre storytelling over the years! Plus, the guys discuss Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso's new graphic novel, Dark Night: A True Batman Story.

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