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Toy Review – Walmart Exclusive Star Wars The Black Series 3.75” Captain Phasma from Hasbro

I almost didn’t bother with this one because I am so over people regurgitating lamentations over Captain Phasma’s role in The Force Awakens. But I reviewed the larger Black Series Phasma, which is from a line I don’t even collect, so I thought I should cover this one.
I honestly thought that I had reviewed the 18” JAKKS Pacific figure as well, but I can’t find it. Short review – it’s an awesome big figure for the price. I’m happy to have it.

The Toys R Us Exclusive 12” figure from Hasbro is also great. That one has my favorite armor of any so far. That finish is shiny!

I did not review the standard 3.75” Hasbro figure, though I will reference it later.

I decided before the Force Awakens was released that my favorite characters were going to be Finn and Captain Phasma. I focused on figures featuring them – not that I bought a lot and not that there were that many available before the movie came out. I didn’t even find a standard release Phasma for myself until after Christmas. Actually, I take that back – it wasn’t until my son got the Amazon Exclusive First Order Troops set for Easter that I had a Phasma because he gave me his extra.

Good kid. His parents must be raising him right, even if they don’t force him to wear capes and Doctor Who costumes to Home Depot so they can post pictures of it on Instagram to impress their friends.

Man, I am fed up with the internet today, huh?

I dug Phasma’s shiny armor and I’m a huge fan of Gwendoline Christie’s performance on Game Of Thrones, so she seemed like a solid pick for neat toys. As for Finn, I just liked the look of the kid. And Jon Boyega delivered the goods.

As for Phasma, if anyone should be disappointed with how she was used, it should be the guy that went to the Disney Store every fucking day for two weeks to try and get that die cast figure they made of her (I never got one). But I’m not disappointed. It’s Star Wars. 98% of the action figures made had three seconds or less of screen time.

That is a math fact that I just made up.

Also there are at least two more movies coming and maybe she’ll be featured more prominently. Maybe not. If you’re sad because of this or anything else about Episode VII, I don’t want to hear about it. Take your space angst elsewhere, Sheila.


It’s funny how different these Phasma (Full Name: Elidonna Laserforce Phasma) figures can look. Some are shinier, some have more detailed cloaks, some have pointier boots, some are slender and some are a bit squat. As you guys may well know by now, I am not the guy that’s going to sit down with the Visual Reference Guide and critique every little detail. I’m just going to try to determine if the figure looks and feels right. And this one does.


It’s a smaller version of the 6” Black Series window box and is way oversized. The back is impossible to photograph and I would prefer Vintage style blister cards, but Hasbro is trying to create the illusion of increased value. Also, there are eighteen languages printed on the back. Let’s move on.


This helmet doesn’t look quite a duck-like as the others I have. It still is duck-like and that’s appropriate because the first thing I thought was that her helmet looked like a chromed-out Mighty Ducks helmet, but this one isn’t as obvious about it. The detail is solid and the paint is good except for a stray squiggle in the corner of the left eye that I didn’t even notice until I was looking at these pictures.

The shape of this Phasma seems more accurate to me. She looks taller and slimmer than the others. I think Hasbro did a much better job with the proportions on this one. For reference, here’s how it looks compared to the standard release:

For the price (almost thirteen bucks) I was debating whether or not I even needed to get this one with the simpler one on my shelf, but I sure am glad I did. That’s a huge difference to me.

The armor is metallic fleck rather than shiny chrome and I’ll tell you right now I’d buy a vac metal version of this or any other Phasma in a second for a reasonable price. By which I mean not Hot Toys $275 figure.

There’s plenty of detail and the colors of the armor and the body glove are nice and separate. Her belt is a separately sculpted piece and has painted pouches on the side and the trademark Trooper canister on the back. I can’t quite recall what’s in there at the moment because there have been so many jokes about it. Toilet paper? Thermal detonators? Oxygen? Space coffee? Whatever the case, I’m impressed with all of the paint around this area. It looks good and makes a big difference in perceived value.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Captain Phasma has armored cowboy boots on over her greaves. They’re pretty slick. In addition to the overall dimensions, I feel like this figure captured the boots a bit better. They’re a little more slender and feminine. I’m not saying that movie Phasma looks all girly, I’m just saying that there are subtly feminine traits about her armor that some of the other figures have failed to capture. And there’s nothing wrong with a woman looking like a woman.

The arms are similarly armored, but each forearm has a different gizmo on the inside. I couldn’t get those to photograph for shit, so just take my word for it. Or zoom in on the other pictures if you really need to see a couple of unpainted instrument panels.

The cloak is pretty shiny. So far I only have one soft goods Phasma cloak (on the JAKKS Big Fig) and it’s my favorite, even though it’s kind of crappy. I get that her cloak is an over-the-shoulder thing and hangs a certain way, but I really feel like this is one of the rare instances where soft goods would have been better. This thing looks kind of like a garbage bag. A garbage bag with a red stripe on the side, but a garbage bag nonetheless. The red is a little janky, but it’s been consistently janky on all of the figures, so maybe it looks like that in the movie? Someone check and let me know.


Captain Phasma comes with a Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifle. You might think it should be solver like the rest of her, but you’d be wrong. While there are some variations in the shade of sort-of-platinum that it seems to be, it definitely doesn’t match her armor in the movie. 
This one looks great. The sculpt is fantastic and the black painted detail is spot-on.
It can plug into the socket on her thigh:

And the figure cannot hold it straight for shit:

This is the one area where the simpler model wins, hands-down.


This figure has all of the range you’d expect from the pre-simplification Hasbro Star Wars figures. The joints all have a good range and you can pop the head off and remove the cloak if you so desire.


Aside from the ridiculous fact that this Captain Phasma can’t hold her blaster properly (which you could take as a nod to the original Kenner line if you’re an idiot), this is by far my favorite Captain Phasma as far as the appearance of accuracy goes. She’s the right height compared to other 3.75” figures and she doesn’t look all squatty.

These Walmart Exclusives have not been easy to find and I hold a lot of animosity towards Hasbro for letting the worst retailer in the history of the universe have them. Walmart’s handling of Exclusives has always been a shit show, from distribution to even just putting them out on the fucking pegs. If you even think you might want this figure or know someone that might, buy one if you see it. You will never see another one.

Or two months from now every Walmart in the country will have four rows of them marked way down to $11.98 apiece for the next six years.

4 out of 5

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