Friday, June 10, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 111 – 1986

Phantom Troublemaker, Beth, Sean Reid, and Chris DePetrillo go back in time thirty years to talk about the pop culture of 1986!

Needless Things has been looking at this magical year since Phantom’s birthday back in May. Now it’s time to round up some of the Needless Things Irregulars for a special “Best Of 1986” edition of the podcast! From toys to movies to music, 1986 was a banner year in pop culture. Everyone had their favorites and nostalgia has made our love for them stronger than ever. Where it gets even more interesting is when the “Worst Of 1986” list is introduced and tastes collide!

Listen in as Phantom, Chris, Beth, and Sean talk about movies, BMX, cartoons, and Nintendo in this RADical episode of the Needless Things Podcast!

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