Friday, April 29, 2016

Needless Things Podcast 105 – Star Wars in 2016

Phantom Troublemaker and Chad J. Shonk get deep into a galaxy far, far away in the newest episode of the Needless Things Podcast!

It is a landmark time in the history of Star Wars fandom. A new entry in the main saga was released just five months ago and a whole new type of Star Wars film is less than eight months away. For the first time ever the franchise is producing annual releases with no end in sight. This has had and will have major and lasting effects on the Expanded Universe, the toys, and any forms of tie-in media.

Listen in as Chad and Phantom reminisce about the past, examine the present, and look forward to the future of the greatest space fantasy epic ever made!

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Procrastibate” by

Mos Eisley Burnin’ Down” by Grand Moff Tarkin

This episode is sponsored by the DethPawed Cast, hosted by Needless Things Irregular Sean Reid. Listen to the first episode to hear Sean, Arian, Chad, and Jason spew hot venom about Batman V Superman!

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