Friday, November 13, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 81 – VHS Glitch

Phantom Troublemaker talks to mysterious synth artist and musician VHS Glitch about the revival and nostalgic value of synthesizer-based music, digital marketing, the modern cult of personality surrounding music, and much more!

VHS Glitch is a music composer for games and visual media and independent
Synthwave artist. Little is known about the enigmatic and talented creator other than this brief bio:

Finally, the wait is over, I have arrived. I was created to save humanity from the mind-controlling grasp of modern technology, technology which seeks to make you all forget the past. Stored on a special VHS cassette tape and placed in a VCR programmed to activate at this specific time, I am here to keep the spirit of the 80s alive with rad tunes and totally bitchin' graphics!

Listen in as Phantom conducts one of the most unique interviews Needless Things has produced!

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Meet the Cure” by VHS Glitch

Procrastibate” by

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