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31 Days of Halloween - Devlin's Domain - The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

All Hallow's Eve is nigh upon us and here in Devlin's Domain I am celebrating with more vomit inducing fare. Last time I covered Martyrs, which was a dead serious type of horror film. On this edition I'm going to lighten the mood a bit with the close of a disgusting trilogy. I mean Halloween should be a little fun, right?

Have you ever enjoyed a film that was so graphic and disgusting that you questioned your own sanity? Me neither, because I can discern fantasy from reality. I know that the actions on screen are unrealistic and/or unacceptable in the real world. Reality can be so boring at times that it's nice to escape to the kind of world that shakes things up in a most disturbing way. Apparently there's enough people out there that feel the same way. Enough to justify the budget of three installments to this series. Let's just jump into it, The final sequence:

The Human Centipede III (The Final Sequence)

In 2009, for whatever reason, a film was made about a mad scientist who was obsessed with surgically connecting three people ass to mouth. It was billed as being "100% medically accurate", which I'm sure was a big selling point. If you weren't interested by the plot, you'd have to at least be curious how this batshit idea could actually work. This was probably my favorite film of the series. The style and story were just better all around. It took a "less is more" approach to the gore, probably due to the budget. Of course everyone was dreading the inevitable bowel movement scene, and when it happened I'm sure it sent people gagging. It was really just sold by the actors though, because due to their surgical connection you couldn't really see anything.....until the second movie.

By some miracle, 2011 brought us The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence). Director Tom Six took a meta approach to this story. The main character, Martin, was a disturbed loner obsessed with the first Human Centipede film. He goes through a great amount of effort to one up the fictional doctor and make a 12 person centipede. Of course the lack of medical knowledge by Martin makes things more difficult. He forges a crude human centipede by stapling their lips to assholes. When he feeds them laxatives to speed up the poop train it causes a graphic scene of bile spilling out between the staples on their lips. They really pushed the gore and scat that was lacking in the original. It was so graphic in fact, they had to change the film to black and white because it was so gory. Despite the gore, I thought this was the weakest film of the series.

Now here it is 2015, and just when you thought you'd never hear about The Human Centipede again, The Final Sequence is released. This one takes a very comedic direction. One interesting thing about this series is how different in style and tone each movie is. If you don't care for one you may like another. Chances are you won't like any of them, unless you're a sicko like myself.

Final Sequence takes place in a prison and brings back the mad scientist from the first film, Dieter Laser, playing the warden in this film. His right hand man is played by the isolated sociopath from Full Sequence, Laurence Harvey. It's made apparent from the start that Warden Bill Boss is a cold, heartless, son of a bitch who abuses the inmates. His right hand, Dwight, is seemingly more compassionate, but we later find out otherwise.

The warden's slick, sweaty, bald head makes him look like an anorexic turtle. He delivers his lines with a discombobulated cadence that reminds me of the Iron Sheik's attempt at a "USA" chant. I'm going to assume this was intentionally humorous, because I thought it was funny as hell.

The warden makes plenty of enemies as we see him break Deebo's masturbation arm, waterboards an inmate with boiling water and explicitly castrates one prisoner in order to dine on his testicles. He verbally and sexually abuses his secretary who is played by porn star Bree Olson. He snacks on a bowl of dried clitorises that were acquired from tribal female castrations. He's just a horrible, rotten shit of a man. All of his transgressions are taking a toll and resulting in extreme paranoia.

Warden plans to castrate all of the prisoners for fear of being gang raped. He's exceptionally paranoid after a nightmare where they cut a hole in his lower back and make sexual congress with his kidney. I didn't find the scene particularly disturbing until the inmate exclaimed, "Damn, this shit feels good".

Before the castrations occur Dwight suggests that the warden watch the Human Centipede films for inspiration on how to deal with the prison population. After consulting with the director of the films (and this film) and the resident surgeon, they decide to turn the entire prison into a centipede. In their mind it's a genius way to revolutionize the prison system and get praise from the governor, played by Eric Roberts.

Of course the entire plot is preposterous and defies all logic. But once they've established the tone they can get away with nothing making any sense. This movie is all about shock, so if you're not into that you may as well just skip this one. It's not a very good movie, but it's good for shits and giggles.

It's been completely murdered on IMDB with a piss poor rating of 3.0. That's a bit harsh in my opinion, but somewhat understandable depending on what audience is rating it. I give it a 6.5 just for being ridiculous and entertaining. The content is horribly disturbing, but the delivery almost neutralizes that altogether. You just can't take it seriously at all. Dieter's portrayal of the warden is the best and worst part of the movie. His performance is very believable and also very annoying at times. He's just so incoherent and constantly screaming for no reason. So yeah, give it watch, especially if you've already seen the first two.

So that's the final edition of Devlin's Domain before Halloween. Hope everyone has a good time parading around as psychopaths in celebration of an old pagan holiday. Enjoy it while you can because the next pagan holiday is a lot less interesting, Christmas. Return to the Domain in November and I'll have something to review that's surprisingly not horror.

About Me: I have a couple of different aliases, but for this column I will use my middle name. I am Devlin and I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. 32 years of age and still feeling immortal. Former Rockstar, current Pro Wrestler and hell, I'm still a Rockstar at heart. I got my first taste of obscure cinema when I was about 8 years old. My Dad would take us to the video store every weekend to stock up on classic horror films to watch on his projector. They were mostly harmless, PG-rated horror films like the great Universal monster movies. Then one night he rented a movie for himself to watch after we had gone to bed. I was so intrigued by this film that I wasn't allowed to see. I begged and begged and he eventually caved. That night I was exposed to a film unlike anything I had seen before. Ever since that night I wanted to find more films that gave me that same sensation. I wanted to feel shock and disgust. I found my place in the Horror aisle. The film I watched was Faces of Death. Thanks Dad.

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