Friday, August 28, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 70 – Dragon Con 2015: The ESO Network

2015 Dragon Con coverage continues on the Needless Things Podcast! In this week’s episode, Phantom talks to Mike Gordon and Mike Faber of the Earth Station One Podcasting Network!

A few years ago Mike and Mike invited Phantom onto the ESO Podcast to talk about the Doctor Who story “The Keeper of Traken”. You can listen to that here:

The next day the guys offered Phantom the co-host spot on a new Doctor Who podcast they were launching – Earth Station Who. While Needless Things had already been an entity for several years prior to this, being on ESW inspired Phantom to start his own show, the Needless Things Podcast.

In addition to that, the relationship with ESO opened the door for Phantom to become a part of Dragon Con – whether it was sitting on or hosting panels, creating game shows, or providing media coverage.

Listen now as Phantom, Mike Gordon, and Mike Faber talk about their history with Dragon Con and what 2015 has in store for the ESO Network and Needless Things!:

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Today’s musical selection comes from Dragon Con 2015 Guest Performers, Frenchy and the Punk! Imagine Siouxsie Sioux and Dee Dee Ramone had a duo that was inspired by Django Reinhardt, Edith Piaf, Toulouse Lautrec and Deepak Chopra, this is what it might sound like. Check out their newest album, Bonjour Batfrog, available now from!

Procrastibate” by

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