Friday, July 17, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 64 – 2015 San Diego Comic Con Part 1 – The Toys

It is time once again for Needless Things’ annual look at Sand Diego Comic Con! This year was so big it required two episodes – one for the toys and one for the various media happenings. Today’s Part 1 focuses on the toys that debuted this year.

Phantom Troublemaker, Mr. Beau Brown, Ryan Schweck, The Belligerent Monkey, and Josh Wilson of The Oncoming Storm Podcast convened to discuss all of the best toys that were shown at SDCC.

There were exciting reveals from Hasbro, NECA, Mezco, and newcomer Mondo, but Mattel owned the show with their awesome Masters of the Universe presentation and not one, but two HUGE surprise announcements; one of which is an entirely new license under the Mattycollector “Classics” banner!

Listen in as Phantom, Beau, Ryan, Jay, and Josh run down all of the toy news that’s fit to report!:

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Today’s musical selection is from Atlanta punk legends, the Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs!

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