Friday, June 19, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 60 – Sol Invictus and the Music of Faith No More

This episode is all about Phantom Troublemaker’s favorite band of all time – Faith No More!
Join Phantom, Sean Reid, and Mr. Tibbs of The Mystery Men? as they discuss the history of the band and review the new album.

Each of the guys shares his personal story of Faith No More fandom, as well as recollections about live shows, appearances by the band, and thoughts about FNM’s place in pop culture. The topic of their influence on modern rock music, particularly in the late 90s, is brought up and leads to talk of Nü Metal and various acts related to Faith No More, however tangentially.

The guys do mostly avoid talk of Mike Patton’s other projects, because that’s a whole other podcast. Or five.

Listen in as Phantom and two brand-new Needless Things Irregulars get high on Angel Dust, proclaim themselves King For A Day, and give you The Real Thing on the Album of the Year, Sol Invictus!:

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