Friday, April 17, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 53 – Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Last weekend Marvel unleashed the newest corner of their Cinematic Universe on Netflix in the form of Daredevil. The show was so dramatically different and so impactful that Needless Things rallied the troops and recorded a podcast!

Phantom Troublemaker is joined by Needless Things' Head Researcher Ryan Schweck, The Belligerent Monkey Jay Hornsby, and a new addition to the Irregulars, costume designer Sara Pope!
Listen in as this panel discusses the origins of Matt Murdock and company, Marvel's unique approach to presenting this show, and the surprising standout stars of this triumphant new series:

Procrastibate” by

Today’s musical feature is from Andy Samford's Complete Anthology 1998-2006 Box Set, which you can download FOR FREE at! The track is “Another Way” from Disc 1 of the set.

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