Friday, April 3, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 52 – Noah Holt of Kill, Baby... Kill!

Phantom Troublemaker talks to Noah Holt of Kill, Baby… Kill! about music, managing a full-time career and a full-time passion job, and the rewards of family life.

Phantom Troublemaker has known Noah for years longer than he’s been Phantom Troublemaker. Noah has been making music for most of his life and was an important influence for Phantom. From punk bands like Stuck At Zero to the surf rock of KBK, music has been a compelling factor in this man’s life.

Listen in as the guys reminisce and discuss keeping your passions alive while still maintaining a practical lifestyle: 

Procrastibate” by 
This episode’s theme song is “Love Theme for A Twisted Mind” from the EP Sometimes They Come Back by Kill, Baby… Kill. You can find this release and more at ReverbNation.

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