Monday, March 30, 2015

Toy Review – Masters of the Universe Classics 2015 Club Eternia Exclusive Oo-Larr from Mattel

I know that the feeling isn’t universal, but I am delighted to finally have Oo-Larr.
I honestly can’t explain why, but this variant of He-Man is my number two favorite after Wun-Dar. I think a lot of it has to do with this image from the minicomics:
That’s a powerful image. This jungle guy is leaving home, armed with nothing more than a crude spear and his furry underpants, to find his destiny. And that turning wave to his friends and family is just epic – the start of the hero’s journey. This is part of why I prefer minicomics He-Man to Filmation He-Man. I’m just not a fan of Prince Adam. I like this brave version more.
I also like that when you strip away the boots, gauntlets, belt, Power Vest (a descriptor that I will never agree with), and sword, this is still obviously He-Man. It’s the shape and the look of the guy that defines him.
I haven’t made my way through all of the minicomics archived on yet, but I’m working on it. And to me, this is the start of He-Man. My collection wouldn’t be complete without him.
Side Note: Wun-Dar is the only hole in my collection. He’s not the only figure that I’m missing, but he’s the only figure that I have to have that I’m missing. And when I say missing, I mean I have missed buying him for a decent price twice now. The first time I simply passed on him because I didn’t want to spend forty-five bucks. The second time I literally missed him by a couple of minutes because we went and grabbed something to eat at a con just one booth shy of the guy that had a Wun-Dar. When I got back there was a guy buying Wun-Dar and one other figure for sixty bucks.
First Glance

His cankles are a little ridiculous, but otherwise he’s perfect. This is exactly the Oo-Larr I wanted. He’s so angry. I love overly angry action figures.

Well, as long as they’re variants or extra heads and I have a neutral expression one as well. You know how I am. 


It’s the wonderful Masters of the Universe Classics blister card, which we might only have a few more months of, depending on how Matty decides to handle 2016. Honestly, if they want to drop the prices a couple of bucks and stick the things in bags I’d be fine with that.
Of course, this is Matty we’re talking about, so it’s much more likely they’ll stick ‘em in poly bags and leave the price the same. And increase shipping.

Oo-Larr’s bio confused the heck out of me. I had to read this three or four times to figure out what the heck it was supposed to be. I get the part where he leaves the jungle, but then all of the stuff trying to incorporate the various Power Swords gave me a headache.


This is essentially naked He-Man, which some people don’t seem to be too impressed with.
There are new forearms, calves, and feet and I’m sure plenty of folks would have preferred that tooling money be used elsewhere. Not me, though.

The head perfectly captures the minicomic depiction of He-Man. The longer hair looks great, as do the “angry eyebrows”, which are angrier than regular He-Man’s eyebrows. Regular He-Man looks like he’s about to fight. Oo-Larr looks like he is fighting. The shorter bangs and flatter head give him a more primitive appearance in keeping with his “jungle man” origins.

The core of the body is the same MOTUC buck we’ve been seeing for years, but the fact that there’s so little extra junk on it makes it seem fresh. It also highlights just how nice of a sculpt this is. It’s really the perfect “better than human” body. It looks human enough, but every part of it is exaggerated. Except for the freakishly tiny hands.

His ankles turned out a little better than initial pictures, but still pretty freakish. Those are some Hillary Clinton-esque cankles right there. I have to admit, though, that when taken in with the rest of the figure they aren't bad at all. It's only when you zoom in on them that they looks so deformed and weird.

The loin cloth is also new, or at least the absence of a belt on the loin cloth is new. I like the idea that the top of this is what’s under He-Man’s belt. Think about that – we’ve never seen this before. This is a major revelation.

And we had better savor it, because quite frankly there’s not much more to say about this figure.


Oo-Larr (and boy am I sick of typing that user-unfriendly moniker) comes with a spear, a sword, and an extra head.

The spear is the one pictured in the minicomic panel above. It looks awesome. Lots of sculpting and lots of paint. I love how the head is ridged and looks like something hewn out of stone by primitive man. The spot where it is attached to the haft seems oddly narrow, but shhh.

Okay, I don’t know what this sword is. I try to be as genuine as I can about these things and only refer to my own knowledge, but I really want to know what it is. And it annoys me to no end that Mattel won’t identify these things on the packaging. My guess is that this is Skeletor’s minicomics sword, but I’m going to go and look it up now…

Okay, I was wrong. It’s some sword that was laying around in the Goddess’s cave. Which I should have recognized since it’s from the same minicomic as that panel above.

The extra head is killer. This is what the Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man head should have looked like in the first place as far as I’m concerned. Until I had this I didn’t really realize how far off-spec that original head was. This is going on my He-Man.

Not included was Oo-Larr’s axe. This came with Huntara, who I’ll be reviewing tomorrow. Some people seemed upset about this, which I don’t understand. Oo-Larr is the Club Exclusive, so it’s not like you’re getting him solo. I mean, unless you want to spend a fortune. And if you want Oo-Larr that badly you’re probably subscribing, which is why I think he’s a great choice for the Exclusive.


This guy has the same great articulation as all of the Masters Classics, except for the calf swivels that are usually located at the tops of the boots. For me that’s not a problem.
That articulation makes the figures a lot of fun to pose and play around with. You can achieve plenty of cool looks and for as bulky as these sculpts are, you can still do a lot. All of the joints on mine are tight and functional. This is something I haven’t even thought to mention in quite some time because it hasn’t been an issue in a couple of years. I only mention it now because a Ric Flair figure I just picked up is looser than a girl backstage at an indie wrestling show.

Between the accessories and the interchangeable heads you’ve got a lot of fun and options here. This is one that won’t stay on the desk for months, but will be messed around with as long as it stays there. Which, now that I think about it, might be months because I’m going to have to redo some shelves to find somewhere to fit him.


I’m as happy with Oo-Larr as I could be. I feel like the Horsemen and Matty surpassed my expectations on this one. I didn’t know we were getting the axe with Huntara (which, granted, is not part of this figure) or the excellent extra head with this guy. He looks awesome and I’m delighted to have him. I almost want to buy another Battle Cat just so I can take the armor off and have this guy with a bare Battle Cat. Or maybe repaint a Battle Lion. Because I always get around to repainting things. 
4 out of 5

I’m going to provide a link, but obviously there’s no way you should pay whatever they’re charging on Amazon for this guy. Find him at a Con if you really want one:


  1. I was really wanting this figure for the same reason as you, because I prefer the mini comics origin to Filmation. This is just a solid figure all around, from his articulation to paint job to accessories. Although the sword went straight to my new King Hssss, the primitive spear looks fantastic (so does the axe which got stuck with Huntara).
    This is another example of how a MOTUC figure can come out when there is a design team that gives a crap.

    1. As happy as I am with this guy, I do have to admit that he requires his backstory for me to be that satisfied. If not for that I'd totally be making fun of him. Not for the quality, but for the naked caveman with a spear thing.