Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day Special – WWE Valentines

My wife got me a box of WWE Valentines from Dollar Tree. If that’s not the best way that anybody has ever told me, “I love you”, then I don’t know what is.

My original plan had been to scan each Valentine and comment on it, as you’ve seen every nerd-oriented website do on every single Valentine’s Day since the beginning of time. Or the internet, I guess. Whatever.

The problem with that is that these things just didn’t give me much to work with:

So instead I decided to make my own Valentines. I did this last year on Facebook, then realized how much effort I had wasted because Facebook is a piece of shit. Never, ever put something that you have spent time and effort on exclusively on Facebook, because no matter how funny or awesome it is, it will never get as many likes as your idiot friend’s comment about a sandwich or somebody else’s link to some crappy website’s collection of links to other websites.

Notice I didn’t mention quizzes like, “Which Synthetic Fabric Are You?”.

I always take those quizzes. Sometimes I hate myself. 

But I love you guys, so here’s some Valentine’s Day love:

Happy Val Venis Day, Phantomaniacs!
Here's hoping you get some!

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