Friday, January 23, 2015

Earth Station Who Episode 93: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

I haven’t seen all of the William Hartnell Doctor Who stories, but I think I’ve seen enough to have a pretty good feel for his run. And to know that – outside of watching stuff for Earth Station who – I don’t particularly want to watch any more.

That’s kind of hard for me to admit. I think of myself as a fan of classic Doctor Who. But it seems that the pre-Pertwee eras are challenging me. I have an easier time with Troughton because I really like him, but so far the Hartnell stories I have watched have just been tough. “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” was no exception.

Back in Episode 62 we looked at the two theatrical Doctor Who movies that starred Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. One of those – Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. – was based upon this story. That film told the same story in under 90 minutes while this original version was nearly three hours. Plus, being a theatrical release, it had a much bigger budget. Everything looked slicker and it also had the advantage of a wild sixties tone. It might not be the best movie in the world, but it sure is fun to look at.

Invasion of Earth” does have some great moments and there’s no doubt that it is significant within the history of Doctor Who, if only for the fact that it features the first time a companion departs. 
Join me, Director Faber, Mike Gordon, and Jennifer Hartshorn as we take a look at this fifty-one year old television serial:

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