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Needless Things Spotlight: This Is Car Number 187 - Chapter 3 by D. D. DeJesus

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With sparks flaring inside the transit car, an eerie chill hangs over Joseph as he tries to shake the unconscious business man awake. Breathing heavily and drool dripping to the floor, the beastly shadow of Omar hovers over them and shutters under the sparking overhead light, his veins in his forehead pulsating rapidly, as he glares directly at Joseph. Joseph does not dare break eye contact, but continues shaking the business man. Omar grunts, turns around and walks to the adjacent side of the car.

Hey! Hey! Wake up!” Joseph turns his attention to the business man, noticing that this may be his only chance.

The business man slowly starts to come to, as Joseph slaps him a couple of times to speed up the process.

What…What’s going on…” mutters the business man.

The sound of metal being bent is heard from the other end of the car. Joseph and the business man both look and see Omar pulling on one of the seat columns, trying to detach it from the wall. 

Shit! Oh, shit!” cries the business man jumping to his feet. “Holy, shit!”

Hey! Umm,” said Joseph as he notices the business man’s name tag dangling from his side belt loop alongside a small, self-defense pepper spray dispenser. “Mason!”

Omar growls deeply as he continues jerking at the seat. Joseph begins calculating different ideas in his head and prepares to make his next move. He looks back at the hanging pepper spray dispenser.
Let me borrow this,” said Joseph, as he rips the spray from his side.

Omar roars loudly in triumph after he is finally able to rip the seat column from the wall. He takes two huge stomps to turn and face Joseph and Mason, and then he shucks the column in their direction.

Move!” shouts Joseph pushing Mason out of the way.

The seat column crashes into the wall over them and lands on the floor hard into many pieces. Omar turns around and begins tugging at another column.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” screams Mason with his arms covering his head.

I dropped the pepper spray,” Joseph shouts looking frantically for it on the floor.

What were you going to do with it anyway?” Mason said, sarcastically. “We need a damn tank.”

Joseph - without actually taking the time to think and plan accordingly - goes with the first idea that pops into his mind. He runs to the adjacent end of the car and grabs Omar from behind around the waist. Omar smirks and with a grumbled laugh, he grabs Joseph by his arms, breaking the hold, and throws him into a wall on the adjacent side of the car.

Are you serious? You’re dead!” cried Mason.

Agh…I had to do something!” Joseph shouts sitting up holding his head from the blow. “I want to at least try to survive.”

Omar continues to pull at the seat column, breathing heavier than before.

Look where that got you!” Mason shouts, throwing his arms up.

The peppers spray rolls and bounces off the tip of the Mason’s dress shoes.

Shit…” said Mason.

Omar is able to pull the column away from the wall and chucks it at Joseph. With quickness, Joseph crawls quickly underneath a seat column. 

Omar turns around and is instantly sprayed with a heavy mist of pepper spray to his blood red eyes. He roars in aggravation, grabbing at his eyes and slamming his body against the walls and windows. Mason tries to rush past Omar to reach Joseph, but he bumps into him and is suddenly grabbed hard by the arm. 
Let me go!” cried Mason punching at Omar’s massive hand.

Omar squeezes his arm tighter. SNAP!

Mason yells in pain, as Omar applies more pressure and refuses to let go of his vice grip.

Help…help me!” he shouts.

Joseph, trying not to panic, spots an exposed piece of scrap metal sticking out from the wall where one of the seat columns had been ripped away. He grabs hold of a nearby broken pipe and crawls from underneath the seats. Standing to his feet, Joseph swings the pipe with all of his might and hits Omar across the side of the head.

ERF!” grunts Omar, releasing Mason.

Get up!” commanded Joseph assisting Mason to his feet. “We have to force him back.”

My arm,” said Mason, “my arm is broken.”

It’s that or die right now.” stated Joseph. “So, on me…NOW!”

Joseph and Mason both charge forward and hit Omar with stiff shoulder tackles, which makes him stumble back on his heels. Omar, with his eyes still burning, swings his arms wildly trying to grab hold of at least one of them.


Using every ounce of energy they had left, Joseph and Mason hit Omar with another stiff and forceful shoulder tackle. Omar staggers backwards and slips on shards of broken glass, causing him to fall back on the exposed piece of metal, penetrating straight through the back of his head, and exiting the middle of his forehead. His body goes instantly limp and his eyes fade back to their normal, human form and color. 
Wow,” pants Mason holding his fractured arm delicately.

Boys, alright?”

Joseph and Mason turn around to see Ralph and Steward standing in the doorway leading to the original transit car. 
Thank God, I’m off this piece of shit.” said Mason rushing off.

Joseph takes one final look at the deceased body of Omar, who has shrunken back down to his normal size.

What in the hell happened in here?” asked Steward as he joins Joseph’s side.

We couldn’t see a damn thing,” added Ralph coming from the rear, “we could only hear horrible sounds.”

It was him.” said Joseph still staring down at Omar. “He transformed into this monster...and we had no choice, but to…kill him.”

I wanted to kick the little punk’s ass, but never to kill him,” said Ralph kneeling down for a closer view.

I didn’t want to do it either, but he was not himself.” said Joseph walking away from the dead body.
What do you mean?” questioned Steward.

I'll explain in full detail…we need to have a serious meeting,” said Joseph.

Joseph steps back onto car number 187 and he is greeted directly by a worried Gloria, who is clutching a half-eaten Snickers bar. 
Are you okay?” she said twisting the wrapper around the candy bar to save it for later.

Yeah, I’m fine, little bumps and bruises here and there but I can handle it,” said Joseph placing his hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

Yes, I am fine,” she said smiling slightly. “What was that terrifying roar we all heard?”
That’s what I want to talk about.” said Joseph walking to the center of the car. “Everyone, please, right now, we all need to gather around and talk.”

Once again, who put you in charge, dammit?” said Sweet T popping her lips loudly.

I’m guessing you don’t want to figure out what’s going on here?” asked Mason as Ralph helps assist him with his broken arm.

Who told you to even speak to me, honky?” snapped Sweet T.

Look, I’m just wanting to figure out what going on here myself,” Joseph said extending his hand to usher the older woman to a sit close to him. “Do you want to go back to hiding underneath the seats? Because believe me lady, what I just witnessed in there is not a hoax.”

Lady!” shouts Sweet T. “Who are you calling lady? You don’t know me!”

Well how about we call you the scared, loud bitch, who hides like a coward when true trouble happens and screams because she doesn’t understand the reality of the situation we are all in,” said the teenage girl in the hoodie still facing the window.

Does that child think she’s talking to me?” Sweet T said pointing to herself.

I just want to know what happened in there, guys,” said Steward sitting beside the older woman.
What happened to his arm?” asked the young business woman standing with her arms crossed over her chest.

If we could have this meeting, I’ll be glad to tell you about the monster on the other side,” said Mason, while Ralph carefully wrapped his arm with one of his sleeves from his dress shirt. 
A monster?” questioned Sweet T with a perplexed look on her face.

I’ve seen a lot of monsters in my days, honey,’ said the older woman smiling to Ralph.

Yeah, I smell one right now and she happens to be the name of my grandmother’s favorite drink,” stated the teenage girl looking in Sweet T’s direction.

Strike two, little girl,” said Sweet T pointing her long, blue polished fingernails at the teenager. “I swear I’ll rip that hoodie apart and strangle you with it.”

Want to try?” said the teenage girl grinning mischievously.

Everyone please, let discuss this, please!” shouted Joseph standing in one of the seat columns.
Without warning, the car vibrates violently and an ear-piercing hum saturates the air. The strange buzz creates a stir of events that overtake the passenger’s being. Sweet T is screeching in agony, her lengthy nails are clamped around her ears, and bloods trickles down the side of her head. The teenage girl is yanking her hoodie down past her face. Mason leans back against the wall, eyes rolling in their sockets and blinking extremely fast. Ralph faints and the back of his head bounces off the floor from the abrupt collision. Steward is stretching and ripping out of his shirt, while the young business woman is crying on her side in the fetal position on the floor. 
The white noise continues to advance throughout the car and standing firmly and unfazed, directly in the center of it all, is Joseph who is completely normal. 
What in the hell?” said Joseph looking at everyone before his eyes locked with the older woman, who is staring right back at him with vibrant, silvery eyes.

Look,” she whispered pointing to his reflection in the window. “Look at yourself.”

Joseph rotates his head slowly to view himself and glowing back at him are the same pair of eyes. Shaking his head in disbelief, he brings his attention back to the older woman, and standing in from of her is the father of the lost daughter aiming the lone gun directly at her head. She smiles at Joseph once more and turns her head to face the whacked out father.

Wait!” cried Joseph.


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