Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Zombie 5,000 (BONUS FEATURE) By R.T. Ewell

The Zombie 5,000 has a somewhat unusual beginning. It actually started around 2009 before I even started pursuing writing as a serious venture. A podcast I was listening to at the time was holding a flash fiction contest. It asked that we write a five hundred word zombie story. I thought it would be an interesting challenge so I submitted it. Nothing ever came from it but I enjoyed writing it and often thought about returning to the zombie tale. The first chapter of The Zombie 5,000 is called Zombie Day At The Ballpark and that is what I submitted to the contest.

I wanted to release it but being five hundred words its kind of hard for that to be something people could sink their teeth into. So I thought about turning it into a short story but I wanted Zombie Day At The Ballpark to remain the first chapter. Thats when it clicked. I would write ten chapters at five hundred words each to total 5,000 words which would make a good size short story.

To me, each chapter is sort of its own story which made it fun for me to write . I hoped that would translate to being fun to read as well. To be honest, I'm a bit burned out on anything zombie these days and never intended on writing a zombie story but the characters in this story really spoke to me. The format really helped in getting me excited about my journey into writing a zombie story.

One amazing thing came from The Zombie 5,000. Mustard. I had a blast writing that character. I have gotten good feedback from people about him as well. There is little chance that he will show up in something else I write but I'll never say never. He may pop up again whether I want him to or not.

So when I was planning the release of this book, it was going to go on Amazon with my other stories. Then something happened. It felt like it needed to be something a bit more special so a few days before the first of October, I had an idea. The 31 Days Of Halloween is a really cool thing here on Needless Things and I wanted to add to it with this zombie story. When I pitched the idea to Phantom Troublemaker, he was excited about it so we put it together in time for the first weekend. It has been fun to see the story coming together week after week. I wanted it to feel like a Saturday cartoon if that makes any sense. Something to get excited about for the weekend, just like when I was a kid.

Due to certain rules on certain ebook form sites, this story may never be released ebook wise. However, I am toying with the idea to put this story in paperback form. If that ever happens, it will be announced here on Needless Things first!

I do have plans to write another “5,000” story for 2015. I will give you the subject matter as a bit of a tease. This time around I covered zombies so the next one will feature another favorite of mine. A haunted house. I am looking forward to writing this story as its stuck in my noggin just begging to get out.

So this is it. It's been a fun month posting my story here on Needless Things. I have to thank Phantom Troublemaker for allowing me to post the story on the site. His excitement for the story was awesome and it was my pleasure sharing my work with everyone via this little Saturday morning experiment. Thank you to everyone for reading The Zombie 5,000. Share the links with your friends if they like zombies to spread the word. The story will remain on the website so enjoy it over and over again.

If you haven't read The Zombie 5,000 here are the links to each installment:

And finally, in the words of Mustard:
“Thanks for reading f*ckers!”


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