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Super-Late Post-Dragon Con Non-Dragon Con Post - Toys R Us Report

They repainted the front of the Toys R Us I frequent. It's now silver rather than blue and looks pretty cool. My main takeaway is that they probably wouldn't have done that if the store was potentially going to close any time soon.

These are the things I think about.

I'm writing this now because I have no Dragon Con-tent (HA!) and there was just enough stuff at TRU to be worth commenting on. I thought to take pictures of everything but the storefront. Dragon Con was fantastic and rewarding and at times frustrating, but I won't be able to write about that until the weekend, so next week you'll get my recaps.

You might notice that the pictures in this post are quite large. That's to take up more space so there can be less words.

First up are Funko's delightful ReAction figures, which I have written about many times, but don't feel like linking to the articles.

They look like you would expect them to look, which is simple and sort of crappy. Charmingly crappy. The likenesses are not, in fact, likenesses at all, which is probably how Funko was able to launch approximately 8,463 different franchise lines all at the same time. They have guns and accessories which I assume will fit improperly into their hands.

There were pegs for Terminator and Firefly, but the Terminator peg was empty. The Firefly peg was, as you can see, not full. They had one Jane, three Mals, and two Washes. No Zoe or Kaylee. If a full set had been present I probably would have bought it. I'm glad fr the missing ladies because I have no business collecting these. I buy enough crap already. As Reverend Dan Wilson of Poddy Humor told me at Dragon Con Wrestling this past Friday, I collect way too much. It's out of control.

It almost felt like a toy intervention.

 Besides, I'm waiting to see if Funko produces 6" scale Legacy Firefly figures.

I have to admit to being surprised when I saw these. While Funko did make it clear that they were planning to distribute the ReAction figures to not just Toys R Us but Target and Walmart; I had my doubts about them actually showing up at regular retail. Walmart is doing a dandy job of destroying the toy industry, so an interesting, new line based on old franchises was far from a sure thing to make its way to brick and mortar. I'm glad they showed up and I hope that they do well. The problem is going to be the similarly designed Star Wars figures that cost half as much and look a whole lot better.

Item number two is this moronic cash grab:

What an utter piece of shit.

The toy isn't very good quality, either.


Yes, that is an action figure of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant dressed as Little Purple Riding Hood. The idiotic concept behind this new line is that these NBA people are superheroes. I do have to admit that it was probably a smart move to just slap a hooded cape on top of his uniform so that at least the sporto kids can have a Kobe figure that isn't stuck in some idiotic pose like the McFarlane ones. But that's where the good ideas of this line stop.

The likeness is wretched. I should have gotten a close-up, but I was afraid that somebody might think I was actually interested in this turd of an action figure. It does seem to have some pretty decent articulation, as well as what appears to be a cannon that fires basketballs.

This stupid new line comes from the idiots at Jazwares. I'll let them tell you about it:

Item three is the new Abraham Van Helsing figure from Diamond Select Toys.

I wasn't too excited about this guy when he was shown at Comic Con last year, but I have to admit that in person it's a pretty cool figure. He's loaded with accessories and - just as important - they can all be stored on the figure! But there's something that's just slightly too modern about him. The cut of his shirt, the bandolier of stakes, his head sculpt. He looks more like the old McFarlane Monsters line. I like him, but personally I just don't feel like he fits in with the aesthetics of the Universal Monsters. He might fit better in a Hammer collection. Also, the paint on his face is a bit wonky:

It isn't horrible, but it ended up being the final factor of my decision to leave the figure there rather than buy it. I have to admit - I did keep thinking, "But he's only fifteen bucks!"

You'll notice a Son of Frankenstein to Van Helsing's left. He is part of this new wave of super-articulated Universal Monsters. With previous releases Diamond Select has basically been covering the same ground that Sideshow did with their own Universal line. Now they are looking to improve on that formula by adding a ton of articulation. Son of Frankenstein looks great, but I just really don;t care about Son of Frankenstein. Naturally I had to buy the Gill Man at the top of this page. I'll have a full review up in the next couple of weeks.

Overall these figures look nice, but the main thing is that they are only $14.99 each. These are 7" scale figures with tons of articulation and detail that are at Toys R Us for the exact same price as Mattel's new 4" DC Comics line. That is just beyond flabbergasting.

Finally, we have the most amazing value on licensed action figures I have ever seen in my life:

This box of 5" scale Scooby-Doo action figures only costs twenty dollars.



I have never seen a deal this good and I feel like there's no way this set won;t be jacked up to forty dollars or more by Christmas. If you see this thing, buy it. I don't care if you don;t even like Scooby-Doo. You darn well know somebody that does and this would blow them away as a gift.

Lil' Troublemaker has a bunch of the figures from this series and they are sturdy, they look nice, and they're well made. This is my highest recommendation and may well be the toy find of the year. GO BUY IT NOW!

Or order it here and help out the site:

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