Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dragon Con 2014: Inclusiveness at Con by Veion

So 2012 was my third Dragon Con, I decided to cosplay a Gryffindor but my costume wasn't "fully legit" I guess you'd say. I had to put together something from some clothing I had laying around that worked, because I couldn't afford the nice robes from the actual Harry Potter universe.

I had a nice tie and scarf, the scarf gratefully gifted from a dear friend. I also donned a pair of steampunk goggles. I made my own wand out of an old chopstick and paper. I wasn't feeling too confident about my costume, but a very nice young lady in a sorting hat bumped into me at the Marriott and she went gaga over my costume. She told me how cute she thought I was and asked me to join in on a Harry Potter photoshoot.

I have to tell you that made me feel really special, and I felt included.

I also was invited to walk in the parade with some of the Potter group from Dragon Con. It will always stick in my memory how nice it was, and forever signify how at Dragon Con people will accept you for who you are, and just how genuine others can be.


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