Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Toy Review – Masters of the Universe Classics Plundor the Spoiler from Mattel by Beau Brown

I am communicating to you through the interference field of a few months away from Dragon Con. Can you hear me? My shields are holding back most of the shrapnel. I have just enough time to come up with a good plan before I cross the threshold into the Con and it all folds out backwards from there. It is kind of like already being on the other side and waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

Loathed by Phantom and appreciated by myself, Plundor was the Dec 2013 Classics Subscription figure. He was very easy to forget about since we also got Castle Grayskull that month. Best. Grown Up. Christmas. Ever... and it wasn't because of Plundor. Plundor was featured in one episode of FILMATION's He-man and the Masters of the Universe entitled “Quest for He-Man”. The episode was written by Paul Dini and consists of He-Man being mindwiped and finding himself up on a planet called Draedus. He meets a bird lady and discovers that Plundor has taken over the planet and spoiled the environment. He-man channels Dr. Seuss's the Lorax, beats Plundor's ass and we all learn a valuable lesson about the environment and not being a selfish dickbag evil rabbit. Good lessons for kids.

Plundor builds evil robots called R.A.B.-bots to be his minions and despoiler force. These are flying rabbit robots “because He-Man,” and serve the purpose of him being free to smash them till the cows come home. If they were living minions he would have to throw them into a pool of mud. It would have been great to have gotten one of the robots with him like Shokoti had her Darkling but I think the robots were pretty big.

Plundor is an evil mechanical genius lavender anthropomorphic rabbit. He is captured perfectly by the 4 Horsemen with a delightfully evil smirk and real glint of madness in his eyes. He has big oversized cartoon eyes which sets him apart from so many of our human faced Classics characters. The 4 Horsemen took those big goofy eyes and ran with them, really delivering on the evil. He looks crazy and without remorse. I fully expect him to burst out into evil genius laughter and begin firing wildly around the room.

The fur on his face is painted really well and makes me wish the rest of his body featured the same deeper purple shadow color. His chest features it a little but his armor covers it up. His armor color scheme works fine and he looks good on the shelf. He is a cooler lavender than some of the much brighter characters on the shelf like Fang Man. He comes with a new head, crotch and armor piece.

I keep Plundor on a shelf of independent characters. Many of which are from the FILMATION sub.

He comes with a blaster. It fits with his character and the crazy rabbit just looks great with a gun. It’s a repainted Webstor gun, but I prefer him with the shrink ray that came with Strong Arm. The classic sci-fi look of the gun really works with his more cartoony look and matches his character.

I certainly think that this should have been a figure for the FILMATION sub. He is not a demanded character and is SO FILMATION that he really belonged there. I know it was a road map issue but I know Phantom as well as many other subscribers would have preferred it that way.

Plundor comes with a bonus accessory, Skeletor's FILMATION magic axe. It is super blue and has a crystal orb on top. This is a great addition to your Skeletor if you are going for a FILMATION look or goes well with a few of the other blue themed characters. I currently have the blue Fighting Foe Man guy wielding it.

Is he a goofy character that I completely understand people not wanting? Sure! However don't tell me he doesn't fit into He-man. The rabbit guy fits in just fine with the robot elephant head guy, skunk guy, lizard guy, crab guy, fish guy, bee guy, spider guy, scorpion lady, bat guy, cat guy, and other bat guy. So let's just leave that talk at home.
I am happy to have Plundor and he fits into my individual character shelf. The 4 Horseman did a fantastic job of realizing both physical FILMATION appearance and character with him. Plundor gets a 4/5 for excellent execution of the character but loses a point for being someone people could totally live without.

Till next time, Good Journey!

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