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Toy Review – Masters of the Universe Classics Comet Warriors from Mattel by Mr. Beau Brown

Greetings Phantomaniacs!

I am back with another Masters of the Universe Classics review of Stonedar and Rokkon, The Comet Warriors!

The Comet Warriors were the 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives.

The Comet Warriors were figures that I did have as a kid so nostalgia is in full swing with these guys. I am not sure if I had both but I did have at least one.

The Comet Warriors were released in Wave 5 towards the end of the line. This was the year the Snakemen were introduced and a year after the Horde had entered the scene. There was a departure from the reuse kitbash style and this wave saw a lot of new tooling and transformation style action features along with Rio Blast and Extendar. They saved the reuse for variants like Terror Claws Skeletor (AWESOME), Hurricane Hordak (AWESOME) and Flying Fists He-man (LAME).

I don't really think that they made a very exciting SDCC Exclusive for the year. They are not super in demand characters, so not having them be part of the sub was a good idea and people were still butt hurt over expensive multi packs like the Star Sisters. As far as being an exclusive though they leave you a little wanting. That is the trick with exclusives. You want it to be something that gets people excited about the brand and talking about it but that people might be okay living without it they can't get it. If everyone got it, it wouldn't be that exclusive. STROBOOOOOOO! But I digress.

However since they were not part of the sub it meant I needed to aquire them from SDCC without being there. Kathleen (see Temple of Darkness Sorceress Review) came to my rescue again and picked them up along with the two mini masters He-man and Skeletor from the App Game. My sister in law also picked up a pair for me so now I have two sets. Sure wish they had been army builders. I am very lazy about selling things on the secondary market but hopefully I can unload the other set at some point. I don't really see myself wanting two pairs to display in boulder form and in humanoid form.

I really like the idea of guys who survive and travel in space by turning into comets. That is pretty cool. What always threw me though is when they call them boulders. "Rokkon – Young Heroic Battling Boulder" That is when they lose me. Comets are cool. They streak through space, they have tails and are cosmicey. Boulders not so much.

From their bios we learn that the Comet Warriors were just minding their own business out in orbit when Horde Prime unleashed a light storm from Horde World that knocked them out of orbit and sent them hurtling through space. Eventually they crash land on Eternia and team up with He-man and the Masters. So I guess they just chill in orbit and when they detect trouble they propel themselves, maybe with their chest guns, to wherever they need to be. I don't think they can transform in the vacum of space. To me it makes sense that their comet forms allow them to survive in space. There is detail of tubing and electronics sculpted into the inside of the comet "shells", this could totally be a life support system.

It says Stonedar is the leader of a peaceful clan of Comet Warriors. I did not know there were peaceful warriors but okay. It also suggests that there are non-peaceful aggressive Comet Warriors out there as well. I think the Comet Warriors would make interesting antagonists. Especialy a whole lot of them. An approaching meteor shower turns out to be an invasion force. If I was Horde Prime I would be enlisting or brainwashing these guys not wiping them out. They make an excellent first wave attack. You get the double damage of having a metoer shower strike a populated area and then all of the meteors turn into soldiers with impenatrable armor and chest guns.

Here we seem them look pretty badass and some awesome art of the Horde as well.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I LOVE shooting people but sometimes I want to make a sandwich too."? Well worry no more! With new chest mounted blasters you can enjoy hands free firing!

It says Stonedar has blazing armor that can temporarily blind attackers. I could buy that with Rokkon who's armor has a more crystaline look to it, but Stonedar's is very flat.

The Comet Warriors were featured in the the minicomics as well as in FILMATION. By the time the Comet Warriors were released, He-man was over and She-ra was on so they were only featured on She-Ra. Much is said of their peacefulness

Here in this classic character profile we learn that they in fact navigate through space with sonic waves. However upon getting a little science on that we find that sound waves require air and therefore they could not in fact navigate space with sound waves. FINE SCIENCE! Have it your way. We also find that they were called the Comet People which does not sound nearly as cool as Comet Warriors but makes more sense for Stonedar to be a pacifist. While that makes more sense, we learn that in spite of his attempt to destroy a planet called Comet World, the fact that it's inhabitants can turn into comets and fly through space is a surprise to Hordak. It seems Hordak needs to reallocate some resources from the Horde Red Bat Marketing Public Awareness Campaign to the Horde's Intelligence Division. It is some rad imagery though. A space station in orbit around Comet World ready to drain all of its energy when suddenly comets come racing into space from the planet punching hole after hole in the space station until it is destroyed. Surprise, Asshole! I think that is a cooler back story then them just being knocked out of orbit by a light storm (whatever that is) from Horde World. I'd like to think that after that though the Horde would have put the full might of their Empire into a full scale assault and destroyed their planet anyway.

It is a neat tie to the Horde. It helps make the reach of the Horde Empire appear vaster. That a whole planet of people are gone except a handful of survivors that have joined up with the Masters on Eternia isn't something we get much in the old canon. You get stories like Snout Spout who was living on Etheria and was experimented on and turned against the Horde, but a whole planet getting wiped out raises the stakes significantly. It helps put the Universe in Masters of the Universe.

As for the actual figures, they are a faithful recreation of the originals. In order to utilize existing parts they are not able to fold up on their own like the originals, which were 100% new tooling. Extra pieces had to be added to complete the transformation. Which means you have some very space consuming extra pieces that will not fit in my extra accesory bags. So they do eat up a lot of space. They also had to add butt flaps. Yeah the butt flaps. Personally I think they are hilarious.

They have very sort of Tron meets, well, rocks I guess, look to them. In order to allow them to bend over all of the way they do not have any sort of loin coverings like other figures. This exposes the ball joints at the hips and looks funny. Particulary from the back.

All of their rock covering pieces are removeable with the exception of the sculpted on part at the back of the head. So they always have that sort of saintly halo thing going on around their heads. We get the Trap Jaw legs. Again. Their rock parts, heads, chests and crotches are all new. Those crotches... they do look pretty goofy.

We get reused parts in the arms, shoulders, and legs. Their chest armor does not appear to be removeable. As mentioned before they each come with a blaster that they can hold in either hand or attach to their chest. In order to fully forward for the transformation they have open hips showing the ball joints. The way that the arm and leg rock pieces clip into the reused elbow and knee joint holes is pretty inspired if you ask me. Once again the Horsemen did an amazing job of adapting old action features into Classics....if you look at the beginning and final forms. The actual transformation leaves a lot to be desired. The old figures you just bent over and adjusted their arms and viola, comet. Not even a second to do. The classics version takes considerably more seconds to complete. It is slow and it involves a lot of fiddling to finally get them looking right.

There is also the issue of where to display these guys. I have 10 shelves all with different factions or scenes on them and these guys just don't fit anywhere. Right now they are just one their own on top of one of the cases with a few other things without places to go.

There are not my favorite figures by far, but they deliver on the promise of Classics. Every vintage figure. So we have these guys., check them off the list.

I give the Comet Warriors a 3/5. They are good enough but not that great and I dont have anywhere to put them. That being said I've got an extra set if you are interested....ehhhh?

Till next time Phantomaniacs, good journey!

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