Friday, August 22, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 31: Dragon Con Puppetry Track & National Puppet Slam

In this episode I welcome Mr. Beau Brown back to the Podcast, this time not as my co-host, but as a guest! He’s here in his role as Director of the Dragon Con Puppetry Track.

You’ve heard Beau talk about his passion for Masters of the Universe, but today we turn the spotlight on the true great love of his life – puppetry. Join us and our guests Stacey Gordon and Madison J. Cripps as we discuss the National Puppet Slam coming to Dragon Con, as well as the specifics of the Puppetry Track.

We also learn about Stacey and Madison’s backgrounds in puppetry and the roles they will be playing at Dragon Con this year.

So listen in as we talk puppets, scheduling, busking, and – yes – just a bit of Masters of the Universe. Because Beau is still Beau. And thanks goodness for that.

Procrastibate” by

The Young New Mexican Puppeteer” by Tom Jones


  1. I have never been to a convention before, they never interested me. Mostly because I don't like to be in crowds (unless it's at a sporting event) and I'm not the type to get dressed up and really get into it.
    But dang it, you guys really make me think I should book a ticket to Atlanta and check out Dragon con. More specifically, that I should go to dragon con with a puppet, see all the shows and mingle at the puppet tea party.

    1. It's an awesome experience. I always have fun at cons, but there's nothing quite like Dragon Con.