Friday, August 1, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 28: San Diego Comic Con 2014

It is time once again for the Knights of Needless Things to assemble and discuss the goings-on at the biggest media event on the planet – San Diego Comic Con!

Sadly Reverend Dan Wilson and The Oncoming Josh were unable to join us due to calamitous acts of one form or another. But we sallied forth with Phantom Troublemaker, our lovely co-host Mr. Beau Brown, the Belligerent Monkey, and Sir Ryan of House Schweck.
In this roundtable discussion we cover the SDCC reveals from our favorite toy lines – Star Wars, TMNT, DC Collectibles, Marvel Legends, Masters of the Universe Classics, and many more! This one went a little long and we still weren’t able to cover everything. But we did get in a bit of movie and television talk.

Tune in now and see what the Needless Things Irregulars had to say about the Comic Con toy scene:

Procrastibate” by
The Toys Go Winding Down” by Primus


  1. Great podcast again. I have now listened to 3 podcasts in my life, and those were your two godzilla episodes and now this one :)
    I'm glad you guys went into such detail on MOTU, because that's really the only thing I was wanting to hear about. I was not planning on subbing again, but couldn't resist after seeing Oo-lar and the snake armor 2-pack. Plus Huntara (is that her name?) just looks like she can kick anyone's ass. Ninjor is a figure I really wanted as a kid, but never found in the stores, so I am very excited to be getting him (even though I know the final figure will be disappointing in some way, either over sized armor or heads that are too small) and love that they're using the accurate forearms and shins. Although, I still wish we got some feet to match those shins correctly.
    This year was my first ever to subscribe, and I had gotten to the point where I was cherry picking like crazy. I had gone from 6-8 MOTUC purchases a year down to 2 maybe 3. I also learned a lot about those mini figs. I didn't know what the story was with them, but the shipping cost did keep me from purchasing any of them, and that's after two years of asking if/when they were going to get made. With the bundle option I may have to jump on board with these now.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the show! Beau is ecstatic that you dug our MOTUC coverage. We do play favorites around here. I may talk a lot of shit about Matty and that line in particular, but at the end of the day it's still an impressive, consistent line that I love. And the old man sode of me appreciates how easy it is to collect.

    2. I think that you phrased it well in the podcast that Matty does a lot of shady stuff, and I think they do flat out lie when they feel like they won't be called out on it. Nevertheless, they make some cool figures, and they're lucky that people who came before them created a fantastic MOTU universe that hooks guys like me. Also, I sort of hate to admit it because I would have never thought I would be a subscriber, having the figures just show up leaving me with a CC bill I just need to pay makes it really convenient.

      Does Beau have an instagram or webpage where he posts pics of his MOTUC kit bashes? I think you may have mentioned it in the podcast, but I was listening in the car and wasn't sure I heard correctly, and haven't zeroed in on where you were talking about it.

    3. Check out mrbeaubrown on Instagram. I don't know if he's public or not, though. He and our friend Michael have made some awesome stuff just from swapping heads and armor.