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Toy Review – Batman: Arkham City Two-Face from DC Collectibles

This is one of the few designs from the incredible Batman: Arkham games series that I am not crazy about.

My problem stems mostly from the fact that Harvey apparently never saw fit to change his clothes after he got blown up. It’s a little ridiculous. This look would have been fine for his first appearance, but in the forthcoming Arkham Knights he is still wearing this half-burned suit. I get that the game designers probably wanted to lean more towards burned-up Aaron Eckhardt than blue-faced Richard Moll, but I really do think Gotham’s former District Attorney might have gotten some new duds by this point.

Regardless, I am thoroughly entrenched in collecting this line, so I wasn’t about to pass up the representation of one of my favorite Batman villains.

This figure was oddly late in coming, as it was released after the first Arkham Origins figures had hit the market. Rather than the normal four or so figures that come in a series, this wave was Two-Face and the Batman with the rabbit head from the Mad Hatter sequence. That one was a total pass for me, but I definitely was excited to see Two-Face. I’m just curious as to why such an important villain got released in such an odd way.


Here, of course, is the bottom line of Arkham game design – Two-Face does look cool. And that is of the utmost importance in these games. I think he could still look cool if they kept the white suit half and made the other some kind of tailored fabric armor or something. Nothing ridiculous like the sort of designs the New 52 or Injustice offered us, but something stylized enough to fit into the Arkham series.


This, sadly, is not one of those nifty new easy-to-open clamshells. It’s the old school kind that requires scissors. I still like the shape of the bubble on the front, though. I do wish DCC would go ahead and put individual bios on the backs of these.


This figure captures something that doesn’t always come across with depictions of Two-Face – Harvey Dent is a big, imposing dude.

I love the stance and posture of this figure. That raised left shoulder is downright disturbing, because you just know that the burned flesh is drawn up into that position permanently. It’s a creepy and grotesque touch.

The burned portions are almost exactly like the movie Two-Face’s look. The sculpted detail is fantastic and is enhanced by an amazing number of well-applied paint applications. That little circle of leftover ear on his head is just horrifying. What’s really impressive is how well the sculpt and colors of the head and arm match up. Even the hinge at the elbow has some texture and great paint coverage.

The burned half of the suit is kind of weird to examine because it has a bunch of holes in it that I’m pretty sure are supposed to be showing exposed skin (meaning we will almost certainly get a stupid Japanese statue of a female version of this Two-Face smiling and giving a peace sign), but the shape conforms to the shape of the suit. So you have burned leg just under the surface of the suit, but not far enough back to be where the leg should be. So it looks like the left half of Two-Face’s body is suit-shaped. It’s a minor quibble and something you only really notice upon closer inspection, but it’s there and it’s a little weird.
Otherwise the holes and ragged parts do look great. They have a very random, natural look that doesn’t have the appearance of a planned sculpt at all. The hang of the suit is also great – the lines agree with the raised shoulder. 
The undamaged side of the figure is bright and clean, from the generic, good-looking guy face to the crisp white suit. Harvey’s unburned skin looks an awful lot like the skin on a NECA figure – it has that almost translucent quality that makes it look so lifelike. The painted details on the face are precise. This is something that DCC is really good at.
The right hand is sculpted specifically to hold the included scarred dollar coin and the left is sculpted to hold the pistol.

All of the articulation is worked into the sculpt quite nicely considering that most of this figure is just a guy in a suit. The folds of the fabric were used to blend the joints where possible and the swivel joint on the left arm is concealed by the torn, hanging sleeve. 

Two-Face comes with his scarred silver dollar and an automatic pistol.

The silver dollar has about as much sculpted detail as you could expect from such a tiny thing. It’s a shiny silver color that looks very coin-like.

Side Note: My silver dollar is somewhere on the floor of my office. Rambunctious upstairs activity knocked a bunch of my Arkham figures off of the shelves and naturally Two-Face was one of them. Everybody in the family has taken turns looking for that stupid coin.

The pistol actually looks a little weak. It’s a bit too rounded and just has kind of a goofy shape. It sort of looks like one of those rubber guns that you squeeze to shoot a foam plug out of the end. It isn’t terrible, but I’m used to better from DCC.

Both accessories fit perfectly into the corresponding hands.


As good as Two-Face looks, he honestly isn’t a ton of fun. The figure’s articulation is decent – there are swivels above the knee and elbow joints – but the range isn’t great on a lot of the points of articulation. I’m mostly okay with this as I really like the aesthetics of the figure. And it certainly is a step above the Arkham Origins Joker and Black Mask.


Harvey isn’t super-poseable, but he looks great. The balance between a figure being aesthetically pleasing and being fun to play with is often difficult to achieve. I think DCC did mostly okay with this guy. I think he could have been a little better, but I’m overall pretty happy with him. I’d call this one of the best Two-Face figures I own, though I expect it will be bettered by the forthcoming animated version.

If you buy one, I recommend you put a dab of rubber cement or something on the coin hand before you stick the coin in it.

4 out of 5

So go to Amazon right now, buy one, and help out Needless Things!

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