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Toy Review - LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Superman vs. Power Armor Lex by R.T. Ewell

LEGO DC Super Heroes Review
Product #: 6862
Superman vs Power Armor Lex
207 Pieces
Build Time: Approx. 45 Minutes

Back in April I was lucky enough to have a birthday. I was even luckier to get a whole lot of LEGO related gifts. In all honesty, I probably would have never bought this set myself. Something about it never struck me as something I had to have, although the set makes perfect sense and comes with three very important minifigures that a collection should not be without. It's been sitting around the house for a while, as most of my LEGO sets tend to do around here before I finally open them. So today was the day I thought it was high time to put together my first Superman themed LEGO item.

I think this was one of the reasons I never even thought to buy this set. I find it extremely boring. I know the way the armor is posed it's supposed to show its movability but it just looks awkward the way it’s positioned. I despise the background as well, it serves its purpose but it did nothing to make me want to purchase the set myself.

Level Of Intimidation Of Build:
Boy, there sure is a lot of green. From the looks of the package the armor looked pretty big and this did not look like it was going to be enough pieces. From LEGO it rarely does, but somehow by the end it always makes perfect sense. There was very little intimidation to this set because I did not have high hopes for it and simply didn't care all that much. It was a dreary day outside so I figured it was a perfect time to build this one.


There is not much to say about the minifigures that are included. They serve their job looking like their comic book counterparts. Lex looks kind of boring but that’s the nature of his character. Superman looks like Superman does with his trademark curl. I like Wonder Woman's outfit but boy howdy does she look upset. In fact this is a very unhappy group of minifigures.

Build Process:

Unfortunately, with the armor having two arms and legs I knew there would be some duplicate building. It's okay though because it was very cool to see how the legs went together and the placement of bricks was superbly done.

Boom! Torso and legs are complete and I can already tell I am liking this piece better than expected. The legs look beefy and the gray pieces really add a cool effect to this so far.

The cockpit is simple but effective. The tanks there in the back add a great look and my excitement grew as it all started to come together.

I did not take separate pictures of the arms because by the time I finished them I got in a hurry and attached them to the rest of the build. The arms make this piece as cool as it is with fingertips that move individually to grab hold of things. They have elbow joints that make them fun to pose as well.

The gun that you put together is a pleasant surprise. It looked kind of lame at first but turned out to be my favorite gun that has come with a LEGO set.

Moving Pieces:

There are a few moving pieces on this set:
Basically on this one it’s everything that looks like it moves.

*Shoulder Joints
*Elbow Joints
*Torso Swivels
*Legs Move Backwards & Forwards & Side To Side
*Ankle Joints
*Glass Moves To Put Lex In Cockpit
*Gear Shifters Move Back & Forth


I have to say this thing looks pretty darn impressive. The scale is perfect and it is able to provide some fun poses and scenes with the minifigures. The blend of purple, green, and grey looks nice and exactly the way it should. The green hose is also a nice piece that goes to the gun but part of me thinks it would be cooler if there were two of them going into the armor's arms.


I have never been so shocked by LEGO before - to go from not liking a set to thinking it’s as amazing as this one is. I had a blast building it and seeing how each piece would affect the other. There were certain things that took me by surprise like the gun and the way the tanks look on the back. The way the armor moves makes it feel like a big piece of clunky machinery, the way it should. I would have never bought this set but I could not be happier to have received it as a gift. It’s totally worth the money. It definitely will have a showcased spot in my collection. If you have even a passing interest in Superman, go find this set. I still see it in the stores but it wouldn't surprise me if it goes away soon. I am taking a little bit off on my final score for the lack of coolness exuding from the minifigures and the packaging but this is a really solid set by LEGO.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

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  1. I love this set. I keep it on permanent display and every time I get a new Superhero minifigure I add it to the battle to take down Lex!