Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dragon Con - One Month and Counting

Hey this post is going up exactly one month before Dragon Con. Pretty cool right? I'm going to try and help you get prepared as well as start thinking about what you want to see and do while you're there. This thing gets bigger every year, and there's just no way for you to do everything (unless you're packing a TARDIS). Unfortunately, even the website doesn’t have a full list of events yet, but we can still talk about who’s going to be there.

Fist the checklist:
-          Did you download the app? It's not done, but it's up, and you're going to want it. Sending friend codes to everyone you know could take the better part of the next month anyway. Once it's done though it'll help you keep track of the panels and events you want to attend.
-          Have you bought a flask or started soaking last year's funk out of the one you already have? If you like your cocktails like I do you could easily blow all of you merch money on booze unless you're packing your own. Even if you've got a large stash in your hotel room you don't want to have to hike up there every hour for a refill so plan accordingly.
-          Did you order a spare battery or one of those power bank dealies? If you plan on taking lots of pics, keeping up with your pals, or using the app repeatedly throughout the day one of these could help keep you from being tied to a power source or having to ditch your phone in your room for hours at a time. My power bank dealie is on its way. I'm technically challenged so a month is about right for me to figure out how to use something properly.
-          I'm not even going to mention costumes here because if you've waited until now to start thinking about it you're too late (unless you're the kind of insane genius who can throw together an awesome costume in two weeks). But do start thinking about footwear. It is a rare pair of shoes that can make it through 8 to 12 hours of walking around without some kind of pain. If you want to schlep up to your room every few hours for a costume change that’s your choice (you can probably recharge your phone and get some more cocktails while you’re up there), but if you just get some decent shoes with comfy inserts you’ll save a lot of time and pain.
-          Set your budget. You can go through a lot of cash really quickly if you don't pace yourself. And try to make sure you only hit the dealer room while sober or you could end up regretting a purchase when you come back to reality. Having an idea of what you're looking for will also help keep you from buyer’s remorse. It's hard to find Red Dwarf merch in this country so if I see something at the Con then I'm going for it. Ditto for the movie Demons since I’ve been trying to track that thing down for ages. But I don't need another Blue Sun shirt or Star Wars patch so I'm going to pass on those even if they're different or cooler than the ones I already have.
-          And while we’re on the subject of your purchases…hey men, just because your lady is carrying a bag doesn’t mean she wants to cram all of the stuff you buy into it. Take that junk to your room or buy it on your way out if you’re not staying overnight. I know we frequently use your pockets as a purse when we go out, but holding a lipstick is not the same as cramming 5 t-shirts into an already full purse. Bringing a satchel or similar non-girly bag to something like this will not make you less of a man, it makes you practical.

Now we move on to who to see. I’m not listing everyone who’s going to be there because that would be insane. I’m just going to talk about who will be there that I think you should check out. It’s pretty much people I haven’t seen before, and would be interested in meeting.
-          Colin Baker. It's already been established that he isn't my favorite Doctor, but he was still the Doctor, and I do feel like he and Paul McGann deserve another chance. He was very sympathetic in the 5-ish Doctors, and it probably isn't entirely his fault that he wasn't my favorite.
-          Bill Corbett, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson. The guys who brought you MST3K. Most of them, at least. No Mike or Kevin, but I’ve always wanted to know if Frank is still TV’s Frank if he’s not on TV anymore.
-          Ron Glass, Amy Acker, Julie Benz or really anyone from the Whedonverse. I’ve seen a lot of the Firefly people before, but never any of the group that’s going to be there this year. Plus Ron Glass did a voice for Fable II so it’d be cool to get that signed. I’m just going to go around having actors sign the video games that they did voice work on. I’m sure they LOVE being known for acting they did in pajamas.
-          Sam Huntington and Sam Witwer. The American version of Being Human is way better than the British one. It just is. Sam Huntington was also in Veronica Mars, and Sam Witwer was the voice and character model for Starkiller in The Force Unleashed. Another video game to get signed.
-          Patrick Stewart. Captain Picard and Professor X! And he’s probably done some other stuff too. Just kidding, I know he’s been in like a million things, and a lot of them were quite good. I just noticed he was in a version of Hamlet with David Tennant. I need to check that out ASAP. And he did voices for several video games. These people are going to hate me!
-          Peter Weller. Yeah I know he was in the latest Star Trek movie, and he’s the only good Robocop, but he was also (certainly most importantly) Buckaroo Bonzai. I’m definitely going to that panel.
-          Karl Urban. Eomer squee! It’s not his fault that Doom and Dredd weren’t good. Or Priest. Or The Chronicles of Riddick. Okay so he’s been in some less than stellar movies, but he’s still awesome. Almost Human is decent, and he makes a great Bones in Star Trek. I’ll always love him for Lord of the Rings no matter how many questionable movies he appears in. I wonder if he’s done any video game voices…

As previously stated there’s going to about a million more people there than that. This is just my short list. Really it’s pretty much who I’d want to interview if I could. Since we’re not a big national news outlet I doubt I’ll even get to speak to one of them, but that’s the dream anyway. It’s probably for the best. I’ve never interviewed anyone famous before, and I can just see myself turning into Chris Farley in front of Patrick Stewart. “You remember how Dune kind of sucked? That was awesome.” I do have one interview lined up with an old artist friend. Not an old artist, just a friend who is an artist. Marvel comic fans will know him so stay tuned for that. No spoilers, but thank God for friends in high places.

See you in a month kiddies!

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