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Toy Review - LEGO Legends of Chima Brapter's Wing Striker by R.T. Ewell

Legends of Chima
Product #: 70128
Brapter's Wing Striker
146 Pieces
Build Time: Approx. 55 Minutes

My main reason for getting this set was for the Braptor minifigure. I know it doesn't seem like it makes sense to buy a set for just the minifigure but it happens more often than not with me. I am not a fan of the bird Chima minifigs but I thought the vehicle looked cool enough to justify the purchase.


The packaging is decent for this one except that it puts the Eris minifig up front, which I think is a mistake. Brapter is so cool but almost hidden among the black on the wing striker itself. I really like the green lasers shooting from the side guns even though that’s an exaggeration of what the vehicle can do. Well, that’s marketing for you, drag the kids in by blatantly lying on the box.

Level Of Intimidation Of Build:

I have a confession to make, collecting LEGOs has made me a bit cocky. Most of the sets I have collected are around 200 pieces, this being one of them. Now granted, there are some smaller pieces, but overall they usually go together fairly easy. Later I will discuss how I was fooled by this school of thought.


Well, I've already told you I bought the set for the bat Chima called Brapter, so it shouldn't surprise you that he was indeed awesome! He even comes with a great little gun that had a lot of thought put into it. What I didn't expect was how much I like Eris. The bird Chima looked very cool in person coming with the bonus of an awesome looking staff.

Build Process:

This is a very cool set piece. If you ask me what it is I would have to guess, so here's my thoughts. It a gem covered by plants and a gigantic leaf of some kind. I think I'm close. No matter what it is, it's pretty unique and I like it. The leaf thingy even has a hinge on it, so it moves up and down to reveal and conceal the gem inside.

I'm not going to lie about this one, it was a lot tougher than most LEGO sets. I kept putting on the wrong piece in the wrong place. Of course, I got a few of the flat pieces stuck and had to pry them apart with a knife. And no - don't try that at home kids, its more dangerous than you think. For some reason the instructions weren't as easy as most sets to follow along with. It was a frustrating Saturday morning putting this thing together, hopefully the ages stated on the box have an easier time than I did.

There were definitely some tricky parts to this build, especially the wings on this bad boy. I wasn't a fan of this thing on the box but as I was putting it together I knew it was something special.

You see, the two wings in front also act as a grabber. Now, normally I wouldn't be that excited about something so simple but the LEGO engineers designed a sliding mechanism (the platform with the green railings and purple vents) behind where Brapter sits making it lots of fun to play with. I can imagine the striker swooping down while scooping up Eris as they are fighting over the gem.

Moving Pieces:

This thing feels like its chocked full of moving parts making the playability factor very high!

Leafy Thing: Like earlier mentioned, the leafy thing is hinged to reveal and conceal the gem.

Gliding Trigger: Behind Brapter is a little platform but upon further inspection it acts as a trigger by sliding back and forth causing the wings to move back and forth.

Side Gun: Beside the platform trigger is a pair of guns that move from the side to straight up.

Wings: The vehicles wings move, not up and down but to the front in order to grab things. Also both minifigures have wings that do move as well.

Horns: In front of where Braptor sits is a pair of horns that are on a hinge so they move back and forth.

I must say this thing is way more impressive than the box makes it out to be. The wings/grabbers are a really cool addition making it really stand out from other flying vehicles. The minifigs in this set are both a great addition to the Chima line. Although I am not big on the bird figs, Eris does a good job of standing out, especially with that cool looking staff! I also love how LEGO always throws me for a loop by adding the little touches like the gem hiding plant thingy.

Look, initially I only wanted the bat Chima known as Braptor but upon further inspection there is a lot more to this set. As always the price is cheap for what you get, however if you just want the minifigs, the rest of the set is not great to piece out. There are some odd things like the wings and railings that may not be good for other projects. Some people like the Legends of Chima line and for those, this is a perfect set. For quality and playability, you cannot go wrong with this one. Kids will especially like this one because of all the cool things that they can do with it while parents will like the price. It does look cool on a shelf but as the problem with all flying vehicles (at least for me) it looks strange for them to just be sitting on the shelf and not in the air in action.

Originally I was gonna give this one a 3.5 but since it turned out to be even better than I could have imagined I had to bump it up a little.

Score: 4 out of 5

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