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Toy Review: LEGO DC Superheroes The Penguin Face Off by R.T. Ewell

DC Comics Super Heroes
Product #: 76010
Batman: The Penguin Face Off
136 Pieces
Build Time: Approx. 30 Minutes

So this is a set that I have been really, really excited about. I bought it a few months ago and it’s been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to put it together ever since. Because of the other sets I have, this one had to wait and I definitely wanted to do a review of this because it oozes nerdiness. Yes, I realize that’s not a real word but it should be. (Phantom Note: It is now. Eff off, Spellcheck.)


I absolutely love this packaging. If you are a nerd of any type than you probably recognize what this set resembles. That's right, the LEGO engineers must be a fan of Batman Returns by Tim Burton because if that yellow duck doesn't scream Burton than I don't know what does. That duck sticks out in the best way possible making it a huge selling point for me on this set. The Penguin also steals the spotlight with his trademark top hat and umbrella. Also, aren’t those penguins in the background just the cutest little guys ever!

Level Of Intimidation Of Build:

To be honest, there wasn't any intimidation at all. I was so excited about this one because of the nostalgia of Batman Returns. Granted, it’s not one of my favorite movies but it just took me back to when I was a kid. You know - the whole point of LEGOs!


I just love this Penguin figure, it’s a perfect representation of Batman's fishy villain. He even comes with an Umbrella and a little detonator device. Since he is shorter, his legs do not move at all like most minifigs do, but this totally makes sense.

The Batman on the other hand is something I despise about the money making side of toys. I hate variations on characters. I mean, I know it’s a necessary evil but I am just not a fan of Arctic Batman, Night Vision Batman or Beach Party Batman. Okay, okay - I might want a Beach Party Batman. But that's where I draw the line. This is like a scuba version of Batman and the only good thing about it is the fact that he comes with flippers. Which in my awesome picture taking duties failed to capture. In some cases variations can work but this just simply does not for me.

On a side note, these are not minifigures but how awesome are these guys. What a brilliant way to give The Penguin his little sidekicks! They even come with dynamite accessories. That's actual dynamite, not some catchy slang, by the way. I also love that LEGO added an iceberg for the guys to hang out on - nice bonus!

Build Process:

Call me crazy, but I was super excited about building that yellow duck. I knew immediately where the duck pieces were being that it was mostly made up of yellow and orange. Naturally, I wanted to put the duck together first but the LEGO instructions - which I always follow - said otherwise, so I started with the Bat Sled Boat Thingy.

I was shocked of how much I really liked this piece. The fact that Batman doesn't sit in it and instead just holds on to it gives it a unique feel. I do have a gripe about this but I will hold off until the end of the review for that.

Now onto the duck! I was smiling the entire time I was putting this together, might be weird to some people but just my nerdy side coming out I guess. This guy went together very easily and came with pieces that completely make sense and really bring out the “rubber duck” feel that this set was aiming for.

Moving Pieces:

There are a ton of moving pieces on this set:

Bat Sled Boat Thingy Fins:
All of the fins have a wide range of movement.

Red Switches:
There is a red switch on the Penguin’s detonator device plus one each on the little penguins that move easily forwards and backwards.

The duck's propeller spins easily for maximum playability.

Both the duck and the Bat sled boat thingy have missiles. They do fire but not by the press of a button. You have to take your finger and kind of flick the back of the missile and if done right it will get a decent amount of distance for this size toy, maybe a foot. Little kids might have a lot of difficulty doing this to get maximum effect.

Both the duck and the Bat sled boat thingy have movable steering. The duck has a wheel that spins but is not easily reachable, while the Bat sled boat thingy has a handle that moves up and down.

Big Gripe:

I put the steering handle on like the instructions said and this is what I got. Batman very awkwardly fit onto the handle and look how terrible it looks. I mean, to me his legs should stick more towards the back. My picture is a little skewed looking - the boat is actually a little longer than it is pictured here. I did fix the problem. I'll give ya the tip, free of charge! When putting this thing together if you reverse what the instructions say to do and put the handle first and the LEGO bump in front instead of towards the back, whammo, problem solved. Well not entirely but its looks a hundred times better!


The completed set turned out almost as awesome as what was in my head. I will be honest, I was hoping for the duck to be a little bigger. I mean, I think they should have bumped the price up to 19.99 to make it just a bit more intimidating. Well, as intimidating as a yellow duck can look anyway.

Lots of cool scenarios for Batman Battling one of his most famous villains. Also, it will be easy to make a cool diorama with some more white pieces for the iceberg and a few blue plates for a cool water effect.


What a great set this is! It hits so many notes on nostalgia. It reminds us that Tim Burton can make a giant yellow duck look cool. Like I said - even with my few complaints about this set it’s still a must have in your collection. LEGO yet again knocked it out of the park with the amount you get with the low price. Even though I don't like the Batman minifig, he is the first in my collection. I might try to get a normal Batman and ditch this guy because he won't match my Superman when I open a set that is waiting on my shelf. The Penguin is virtually perfect, although I would love to be able to plug a cigar in his mouth. But I know - this is a kid friendly line.

I do wish it was a bit bigger but for 12.99 it's an absolute bargain! I really want to give this a 5 out of 5 but I just can't do it. Even though my complaints are small, they would have made a big difference.



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