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Toy Review: The LEGO Movie Glider by R.T. Ewell

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The LEGO MOVIE (Playset) Review
Product #: 70800
Getaway Glider
104 Pieces
Build Time: Approx. 28 Minutes

I bought this set before I saw the fantastic movie that it's from. I never opened this until just the other day for some reason. It just didn't do much for me. I mainly bought it because it was one of the cheapest sets and I wanted some of the minifigures in it. Well I had some spare time the other day finally being able to form an opinion on whether or not this is a worthy buy.


Normally, LEGO knocks it out of the park with their packaging but I think this one is weak. I hate the positioning of the glider because the angle is very odd. However the sheriff bot on the horse is awesomely placed with the nice decorative cactus to its left.

Level Of Intimidation Of Build:

The glider itself is crazy looking, with lots of different pieces completing this odd makeshift flying contraption. Once I started building the set, everything went together fairly well. Like almost every LEGO set I had a problem finding one piece and may or may not have freaked out that the company forgot to put in the piece. Which by the way, has yet to happen to me. For a cheaper set this was definitely more intimidating then equally sized sets but was an easy build.


For the price of 12.99 you get this set plus 3 minifigures (minifigures are basically a 2.99 value) so it’s a pretty sweet deal. The Emmet is the same one from the Melting Room play set but it’s still a fun figure that comes with two faces, the other one is kind of a smirk and is hidden by the back of his hair. Oddly enough it’s a better smirk than Han’s from the Micro Fighters set I reviewed last time here on Needless Things. The Sheriff bot is completely awesome as you can tell. He has two guns, a cool star on his hat, and a sweet mustache! The other bot is cool as well. I'm not a fan of that gun (which is used in a ton of sets) but he makes for a cool sidekick.

Build Process:

The cactus was the first thing that was on the list to build. It’s a simple and effective piece in the set. Then it's onto the glider itself. The first piece of the glider I have a bit of an issue with. You see that barrel looking thing under the gray pole? It pops off if you remotely breathe on it. Frustrating.

Things went smoothly after the “Barrel Incident Of 2014” happened. There are stickers that you have to put on two pieces on each wing as you can see. The word Bank and phrase Keep Out are separated out on each wing. Luckily, the stickers are smaller than the actual pieces so it makes it easy to apply.

Moving Pieces:

There are a few moving pieces on this set:

Wings: So obviously the wings will move since this is a flying vehicle and they have a nice range of motion.

Gray Fins: The fins at the bottom have a wide range of movement that rotate all the way around.

Weathervanes: The gray pole with the weathervane on top spins around like crazy and is extremely easy to pop off so you’ve been warned...

Here is the finished build and as you can see it looks pretty neat. Displaying this set is tough because it’s a flying vehicle but you do have two options. Option one is pictured above, where it rests on the wings. This is okay but Option two is much better. I didn't get a pic of it because well I have no good excuse except Lord Business got in the way. Option two is better because it can stand on those gray fins you see on the bottom. Just trust me on that one.

Oh crap I almost forgot....My favorite part of the set!


Okay maybe it’s not that cool but I think it’s hilarious and makes for a fun pose! This horse has probably been used a million times by LEGO - most recently by The Lone Ranger sets - but this is an easy, cheap way to obtain the animal.


This set is just overwhelmingly bland to me. I mean, I guess it’s kind of sad that the cactus and the horse are my two favorite things about it. Although the sheriff is a pretty kick ass minifigure and a great addition to my minifig collection. The best part of this set is that it has a ton of cool pieces for only $12.99. Even if you don't want the glider the minifigs, horse, and cactus are worth purchasing this set for in my opinion. Then you would have a lot of good spare parts for other builds.

I don't know what I would change about it to make me like it more; something just bugs me. I am a bit burned out on Emmet. Even though I love the character I have like 6 minifigs of him and they are all basically the same. This set is definitely not a must have and if there is a set that you think you would like better, I would spend your money on that one.



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