Friday, April 25, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 19: Masters of the Universe Classics 2013 Year in Review

Yes, the picture is correct - this is Episode 19 of the Podcast. We recorded it back in January, but for various reasons I have not been able to publish it until now. This makes the image for the Stephen Platinum episode incorrect, but the numbering is right on everything now.

2013 was a huge year for Masters of the Universe and now it's time for me and Mr. Beau Brown to finally get together and talk about it. Or time for me to post our talk about it anyway. We actually recorded this back in January, but I haven't been able to put it up until now because of the restrictions I had on my hosting. Thanks to you Phantomaniacs I have finally been able to upgrade and I can do more podcasting than ever before. We'll see how that goes. I have lots of big plans for the future.

As for Masters of the Universe, 2013 was pretty unbelievable. Not only did we get the long-awaited and often thought impossible Castle Grayskull, we also got the Filmation subscription. This was a big surprise - not so much that they were doing Filmation figures, but that they dedicated an entire six figure subscription to it. Going in I really didn't know how many Filmation characters would be popular enough to warrant a six-figure sub, but in the end it turned out it wasn't about the characters' popularity,but the coolness and execution of the figures themselves

Beau and I had a great time talking about the 2013 line - as we always do with it when it comes to Masters of the Universe. I hope you guys have fun listening to us.


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"Procrastibate" by
"He-Man Closing Theme" by  Shuki Levy, Haim Saban, and Erika Lane (maybe)



  1. Hi Phantom,
    Really enjoyed the resent podcast with your reviews of the Masters of the Universe figures, I’m not a collector of the figures myself I have enough collection vices as it is but it did bring back good memories of my sons collection. John my son was a big fan of the He-man show when it was broadcast in the early 80’s and any character figure was a must have, he had all the main characters along with castle Grayskull and he spent hours playing with them. In those pre internet ordering days hunting the figures he wanted was always a challenge, we would spend hours scouring the local markets and toy shops looking for ones he didn’t have. Moss Man proved a particular challenge as we couldn’t find him anywhere; I was told by another equally frustrated farther that a small toy shop just outside Leeds had several Moss Man figures in store.
    So I set off the 20 miles or so to finally buy what had become the holy grail of figures, a few hours later I excitedly hand my son the figure of his dreams only to be told he doesn’t look as good as he does on TV.
    Still despite his initial disappointment Moss Man was added to the rest of his collection and he was soon happily playing away with him so farther job done, I don’t know what happened to his figures or the castle he more than likely passed them on to his younger cousins as he grew up. Sadly John doesn’t have the collection bug like I have or maybe that’s a good thing, it’s probably why as a young man in his 30’s he has more money than me.
    As I said at the start of these ramblings your podcast invoked so many memories of time spent with John either watching the Masters of the Universe show, watching him play with his figures or time spent hunting them down together.
    On reflection great times and good memories, thanks man

    1. The whole reason I started writing was to rekindle my own memories so that I would be able to relate stories and life experience to my son. I'm so glad that this stuff has brought some stuff out in somebody else. The world moves so quickly now that we often don't have time to reflect.

  2. So I'm going back through your old podcasts to catch up on things (I listen to them while at the gym and they help me forget how bored I am while on a treadmill or elliptical).
    There is one thing I heard from you on this one that concerned me, and that was your opinion that Clamp Champ was kind of a stale dollar store looking guy. I love that he is a generic heroic character.
    So, the problem with him is that he is a boring character. In an attempt to make Clamp Champ cooler for you, I will share with you my interpretation of him. Basically, I see him as Eternia's Captain America, with that kind of personality and He-man's replacement when he leaves Eternia to go do New Adventures stuff.

    Inspired by He-man and the masters, Clamp Champ is a heroic do-gooder who became the champion of his village and surrounding areas by defending them from various thugs and bandits. When a battle between the Masters and Evil Warriors made its way to his corner of the world, CC immediate joined in the fray. With his assistance the masters forced Skeletor and his minions to retreat. He-man and Duncan became fast friends with Clamp, and were quite impressed with his abilities on the battlefield, as well as the tales of his heroic deeds from the locals.
    When He-man left for the cosmos to continue his fight against evil, Ducan realized Eternia still needed a champion to disuade attacks from the evil warriors. With the blessing of the Sorceress Duncan asked CC, a trusted comrade of great moral character, to become the new bearer of the Power of Grayskull.

    So my CC is armed with the 200x power sword (created by Duncan years ago for He-man to use during a dark time when Skeletor was able to capture the original sword of power) which can summon the power of grayskull. The big black mechanical thing on CC’s back is a power converter that allows him to actually harness that power. Otherwise, the sword is just a giant lightning rod and summoning the power can be potentially fatal to someone who is not genetically predisposed to use its transformative qualities.

    There you go, my reasons for loving Clamp Champ. He is basically an all around good guy, and the only person Duncan and the Sorceress trusted not to abuse strength and abilities granted by the power of grayskull.

    1. I love your story. In not sure it keeps ol' Clampy from being the king of Dullsville, but it sounds good.