Monday, April 21, 2014

1000th Post! Needless Things Podcast Episode 22: State of the Phantom Address

In which Phantom Troublemaker discusses matters of health, finance, and rocking the mic.

Seriously, though - I just wanted to have a nice little fireside chat with all of you Phantomaniacs and let you in on what's happening. We hit our goal, the podcast will go on to be bigger and better.

It seems appropriate that this is the subject for the ONE THOUSANDTH POST on Needless Things! That's right - there were 999 other posts before this one. More than that, really, because I did a bunch on MySpace first.

But there are other things afoot, as well. Give it a listen and leave your feedback here, on Facebook, or send it in to the e-mail on the right side of your screen. The one under the PayPal Donation button.


Anyway, give it a listen. I talk about stuff and then at the end share a very perosnal, special treat with you guys. Enjoy.

"Procrastibate" by
"Proceed" by

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