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Toy Review - LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Millennium Falcon by R.T. Ewell

Lego Star Wars (Microfighters) Review
Product #: 75030
Millennium Falcon
94 Pieces
Build Time: 25 Minutes

On February 21, 2014 I made a surprise run to good ole Walmart. Per the norm, I headed back to the toy section which is a must stop every time I make my way there no matter what I going there for. I hit the LEGO aisle which over the past year has become my toy collection focal point. Well I hit the little brick jackpot. They had just restocked with a lot of products I had never seen before. I mean I had my choice of virtually anything that was out right now. I tend to be a minifigure guy but have started collecting some of the sets. If it looks cool, I'll buy it, I don't have to stick to a certain line which is the exact opposite of what my OCDs tell me to do. Among a few other LEGO sets I picked up, I couldn't resist Han Solo and his flying ship.

This is the first LEGO Star Wars item I have purchased but for a mere ten bucks I just couldn't help myself. Now, I'm not afraid to admit I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan (I know, blasphemy) but I love the minifigures based on the iconic characters. So I now present to you, my very first (but certainly not last) Lego review for Needless Things. ENJOY!


Lego rarely fails at delivering excellent packaging and this one does not disappoint. It screams classic Star Wars. What I think is an added bonus is that this shows the scale of what you are getting and how big the Millennium Falcon is putting Han in its original and brilliant sidecar.

Level Of Intimidation Of Build:

When I opened the two bags of pieces, I felt at ease that this would be a fun stress free build. There are a ton of little pieces which is sort of standard in these smaller sets. I used the instructions and had no problems following along which is something Lego should get big praise for!


Han is decked out in his classic clothing and comes complete with blaster. His hair is a bit generic and doesn’t exactly match the movies but does the job. The only complaint I have is his smile is a bit weird looking to me. I think they were going for a smirk but it doesn't come through that great.

Build Process:

As with most LEGO sets, when I'm building it, I am thinking “why does this piece go here,” but it always make sense in the end.

It started to take shape and it really turned out to be a lot meatier than I thought it would be. They could have skimped and made it flatter but they went the extra mile which produces a fantastic product.

Another great addition that they could have left out and no one would have said anything. Adding the discs on the bottom of the ship just make it more fun to imagine it flying through space.

Moving Pieces:

There are a few moving pieces on this set:

Grate Piece:
Right below the missiles is a grate with a circle next to it. I'm not sure what this piece does except tilts down to allow the round piece above it to fit and it gives it a angle as well. This piece barely moves but it does a little for no benefit of fun while playing.

Satellite Dish:
The little satellite dish to the right of the missiles does move up and down.

Now, onto the missiles, they do fire but not by the press of a button. You have to take your finger and kind of flick the back of the missile and if done right it will get a decent amount of distance for this size toy, maybe a foot. Little kids might have a lot of difficulty doing this to get maximum effect.


The Front:

Okay, now onto the sidecar. Let's be honest, a LEGO set is not a LEGO set if it doesn't have a minifigure. Obviously, doing the Falcon in this small of a scale he won't fit inside so in the Microfighters line they made the brilliant decision to add sidecars to the ships so the figures can still pilot them. Some adult collectors might be put off by this not being in scale but they have done that version and man is it expensive! For the ten dollar price range this was perfect solution.

The Back:

The back of the Falcon is almost as impressive as the front. The thrusters are perfect and really look like the ship is in full throttle. I also really like the slanted pieces that give the ship a nice angle and looks nice with the rounded backside. (and yes I know I just said rounded backside.)


The price of this item is insane, at ten bucks you get a minifigure & a pretty awesome rendition of the one and only Millennium Falcon. Just a minifigure alone is retailed at $2.99 so for just seven dollars more you get the ship. If you are an in scale collector than that sidecar is probably bothering the hell out of you right now. If you’re like me and just want a fun & inexpensive LEGO set to build than this is a must have. LEGOs are really hard to score because honestly the company does such a good job with it's product. I can take off a little bit for the minifigure itself which had some issues but that ship is just too cool.



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  1. I love this new series, and had I not bought a big Batman set when I last saw them I would have jumped on this one. As it stands, I am sure I will grab a few, and I hope the line continues for a long time. The possibilities are near endless (AT-AT, anyone?)

  2. I totally agree Eric, this is a fun series, I was gonna buy another tonight but found a cool Chima set I liked so I went with that one. I'm not of fan of the new movies but I would love some pod racers in this scale. A mini AT-AT would be sweet!