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Thoughts On Heroes Reborn By R.T. Ewell

By the time you read this, the news that the TV show Heroes is coming back is old. Entitled Heroes Reborn and airing in 2015 with a big digital tie in and limited run. There will be 13 episodes that contain a different story then before with different characters. Although there is hope that some of the original cast will make cameo appearances. Really, all of them should do anything NBC asks of them because most of the actors/actresses got really popular due to the success of the show. Well except for Ali Larter. She was already famous for the whipped cream bikini. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch the movie Varsity Blues, you're welcome.
Heroes Season One presented us with some phenomenal television. It was smart, had some great characters, and was a living, breathing, comic book. Save the cheerleader, save the world will forever be engraved into pop culture. It’s a great tagline that immediately draws you in. I don't remember a bad episode of season one and I waited every week to see what happened next. Then came season two.
This is where it gets tough. Season Two suffered for a very important and sometimes forgotten reason. The infamous writers’ strike happened thus halting any momentum that the show gained. Episodes had to be written with crazy deadlines and it didn't help that the season started with characters that we didn't care about. Another thing that didn't help was the fact that they backed themselves into a corner and weren't able to explain some of the powers. Some were cool, but didn't make sense of how or why they worked. I didn't even finish the rest of the season and never watched the show again.
I always felt guilty for not continuing to see the story unfold. I mean, didn't I owe them that after giving me such great enjoyment from the first season? So the news broke that Heroes Reborn was coming next year. Some people were excited on social networks, while others were not going to give it another shot after being burned so badly before. The latter of that, I totally get, I do. It's tough to forgive a show for going downhill so fast. However my reaction surprised even me. I was excited. I mean really, truly, excited. It made me want to go back and watch the first season & even try to finish out the series as the entirety is available streaming on Netflix.
There was just something so special about season one that grabbed a lot of people that weren't interested in comics. It's actually the part I hated about the show. I mean this show had all the cool elements of a comic book and a lot of the people that watched the show, didn't read comics. That frustrated me a lot because I love comic books and think it’s a great medium to tell a story. Anyway, that's an article for another day.
I wish Heroes Reborn brought back at least some of the original cast, but two of its biggest stars (one with pointy ears & one currently residing in Nashville) moved on to much greener pastures. Relying on original characters to bring back a show that was cancelled because it lost its audience due to muddling characters and story lines is risky. That first episode is gonna have to be crazy good. It's gonna have to get people talking and get a buzz making even more people tune in the following week. This is a show that cannot afford to lose viewership as it continues. The good news is being a limited run does give them a chance to present a much tighter story then most network shows have.
Tim Kring, the creator is going to be back and I am hoping the network gives him creative control. He was able to create characters we cared about before so maybe he can do it again. But finding a great villain like Sylar is gonna be tough. Really tough.
I will not pass judgment right now. I will wait until I see the end credits of the first episode to decide if it was a good move to bring it back. The nerdy side of me hopes it is.


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